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HelenaCC Sat 14-Aug-10 01:08:25

Im told this is normal/ not uncommon... at 38 weeks Ive started itching all over like crazy. I also have swollen hands, feet legs etc.

MW appt on Mon so obv will mention this then but in the meantime Im told this is normal and doesnt generally indicate any problems. All my tests have been fine up to now.

Staying off my feet (bored!) to help with the swelling. Anyone else got pg itching experiences to share? Or just tips for not ending up as the itchy scratchy show!!

onimolap Sat 14-Aug-10 01:23:22

Itching can be a symptom of obstetric cholestasis. You need to get this checked asap as you may need careful monitoring of your liver function.

AllSheepareWhite Sat 14-Aug-10 01:24:16

Did get eczema for first time when pregnant so was a bit itchy, bump was itchy, but DermaMum cream sorted that out. Not pregnant now, but very itchy as dust mites seem to be on the rampage following the warm yet damp weather we have been having. Seems to be worse after I have been in bed, could this be the cause for you I wonder? Chamomile tea bath helps with itching, just throw in a few bags and stew.

starkadder Sat 14-Aug-10 08:48:43

I think itching is very common and usually not a big deal but, as onimolap says, if it is OC, you need to take action.

I had obstetric cholestasis when I was pregnant - it developed at about 33 weeks - my hands and feet itched like crazy - more at night and so much that I couldn't sleep at all. I got significantly more sleep AFTER DS was born. I also had a rash all over my chest and legs but apparently that was unrelated (cholestasis has no rash). Anyway, they induced me at 37 wks because (a) I had gone mad and (b) it's supposed to be better for the baby. OC has no rash and is usually particularly intense on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. If this matches you then I would def ask for a liver function test on Monday. You can also get more info here:

I found that oatmeal baths helped - get oats, tie up in an old pair of tights or a muslin and drop in running bath. It is a bit like bathing in porridge but does help the itching...

jacquettamay Sat 14-Aug-10 09:03:09

I wouldn't worry but I would call someone before Monday. Friend had this towards end of her pregnancy with twins and had immediate delivery due to OC. She was told threat of liver failure was high if babies weren't delivered quickly. Returned to normal quickly after their birth, but suffered same again with baby number 3. I would get some medical advice in any case. You may be told it's normal, but better to veer on safe side.

HelenaCC Sat 14-Aug-10 12:27:46

Thanks to those that responded. Was being driven mad by hands feet and other parts of me on fire last night at 4am especially bad (am back to 'normal' itchiness now). I have spoken to midwife this morning and she said that if I had OC it would be accompanied wioth feeling sick and flashing lights/ headaches. She seemed to think my itching was normal and said that I could get a blood test on Monday morning 'to set my miond at rest'.

Starkadder did you have nausea/headaches with OC? Or just itchiness?

Seems like Im going to have to wait til I can get to my MW appt on Mon.

Good tips about Dermamum cream and oatmeal/chamomile baths thank you. Willing to try anything at this stage...

Tikkabillajive Sat 14-Aug-10 12:35:14

I had something very similar at about 38 weeks - phoned the midwives who told me to go straight into the hospital to check for obstetric cholestasis - I spent most of the day there but all the tests came back normal so it wasn't that. I never did find out what it was, and the itching went away after about 48 hours, but I'd had a thai curry the night before and I think I must have had a reaction to the chilli in it.

I don't think you should worry but it sounds like you are so uncomfortable with this, and I don't think itching like that is 'normal' as your midwife says - can you maybe go in to the hospital anyway to get a second opinion?

Tikkabillajive Sat 14-Aug-10 12:36:51

ps nausea/headaches weren't mentioned to me - I was sent in for tests just because of the intense itching which was mostly on my hands/feet/legs and bump.

Tikkabillajive Sat 14-Aug-10 12:37:51

pps (sorry!) my DH got me a really good spray for itchy skin - am just going to search our bathroom cupboard to see if we still have it so I can let you know what it is!

HelenaCC Sat 14-Aug-10 12:43:39

Ive been told that I CAN go into hospital but that they are so busy it will be much later in the day before I get seen. So Im going to wait as I know I have MW first thing monday.

Tikka youve given me hope that this will slacken off a little in the next day or so, perhaps by Monday I will be itch free! But as Ive been 'background' itching (not crazy hands and feet itching) all week Im not confident.

Im just relived its not as bad now as it was last night...

Tikkabillajive Sat 14-Aug-10 12:51:26

It definitely went away completely for me and didn't come back, so there is hope! I am certain it was the chilli - even though thai curry is my favourite food and I had eaten a LOT of it during pregnancy!

Here is that itch relief spray, which gave some comfort: eucerin - I think dh just got it in Boots.

HelenaCC Sat 14-Aug-10 13:03:28

Thanks Tikka sending DH out to Boots now - will try anything!!

Tikkabillajive Sat 14-Aug-10 17:21:17

Hope it helps and that the itching goes asap!

Leonardina Sat 14-Aug-10 19:17:27

Hi Helena, I'm 36+5 weeks, started itching at 30 weeks, diagnosed with OC at 33 weeks. Had itching all over, only symptom, mentioned it to MW and was sent up to the hospital for tests that same day. Was waiting around for a good while, but tests came back bad enough to need to be admitted to the hospital. So, don't feel you'd be wasting time going up to the hospital, my day assessment ward took it pretty seriously, but obviously it's up to you. Headaches/nausea etc aren't symptoms of OC as far as I'm aware, as mentioned above is a good website.

HelenaCC Sun 15-Aug-10 19:20:58

Hi Leo Ive got bloodtest tomorrow... will be trying not to worry about it until the results come thru but thank you for sharing your experience. Midwife was pretty unconcerned when I spoke to her yesterday. I can kind of distract myself from the itching and when it gets bad am using cold flannels so will just wait and see... confused

starkadder Mon 16-Aug-10 22:26:49

Hi Helena - sorry I didn't come back sooner and answer. I felt sick as well, but was not sure if that was from the OC or just general physical and emotional exhaustion (!! had had two MCs before so was also a paranoid nutcase)

My mother told me afterwards that she had this with 2 out of her 5 children, and it was never diagnosed as OC.

I hope the test came back OK but really, if it is OC, please try not to worry - the important thing is to diagnose it because then they will want to induce the baby early, but there will be no greater risk for you or the baby as long as it is managed properly. I hope you're doing OK today.

Tikkabillajive Tue 17-Aug-10 10:10:34

Hope you're ok Helena - did you get the bloodtest results back? I really hope the itching has got better - I remember how maddening it was.

YummyMummy1208 Tue 17-Aug-10 11:18:10

Iv had a similar thing happen to me over the last week - huge rash has appeared all over my belly with tiny blister like bumps, had bloods taken which ruled out OC and was diagnosed with PUPPP - which is harmless to both mother and baby but ithces like crazy and doesnt usually disappear until baby arrives - bit of a nightmare as i have 10 weeks left and a 2 year old to care for who i can now hardly go near as anythng touching my belly hurts or starts the itching off!
Lets hope baby makes an early appearance!

Hope urs disappears soon as the itching is not nice!

HelenaCC Tue 17-Aug-10 12:47:12

Thanks for messages of support. Am told that blood test can take 5 days so if Im lucky (?) baby will be here before blood results (39 weeks today!)

Im very sympathetic to yummymummy Id hate to have this go on for 10weeks. Although its abating a little compared to the weekend frenzied hand and feet itch so take heart that it could ease off a little...

EdenJayne Wed 18-Aug-10 13:59:05

When I was pregnant I ITCHED ALL THE TIME! My feet especially it was horrible my belly my boobs (TMI blush)legs everything itched! It was horrible

japhrimel Fri 08-Oct-10 13:09:45

Anyone got any more tips to help pregnancy itching?

I'm 30 weeks and so far the tests are negative for OC (getting them redone every 7-10 days), so I need to learn to live with this without going bananas. It's bad enough to wake me up at night, especially if I scratch in my sleep as it then hurts as well as itches! I itch all over - although my hands/feet are the most often itchy bit, I can cope best with those (creams, foot spray, socks, etc).

parkstreet194 Tue 04-Jan-11 10:40:47

I too had an intense itching experience last night in bed and it kept me awake for much of the night, including my poor husband! I've just read through the previous responses and have something in common with
Tikkabillajive in that I had a strong thai green curry last night, which made me and my husband cough, splutter and sneeze whilst I was cooking it, it was so strong! I really think it might be down to the chillis, as, although I'm often a bit itchy at night, it was really bad last night.
Another thing I think has a lot to answer for is Ariel Bio washing liquid. Having been using Fairy non-bio for a while to deal with previous ithcing experiences, a few wks ago I started using Ariel again for whites as find it gets stains out so much better, but I'm sure this irritates me aswell, so am going to stop using. It's worth a try as apparently this irritant is quite a common cause of itching.

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