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Need maternity pyjamas but am on budget - where should I buy them from?

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bytheMoonlight Thu 12-Aug-10 21:10:10

I might need a C-section so need pyjamas that are fit to be seen in public in.

I will be bf'ing.

I have very little money though.

Where can I buy cheap decent ones from? smile

OnEdge Thu 12-Aug-10 21:17:08

e bay? look at these

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 12-Aug-10 21:23:17

Are these for hospital?

While the catheter is still in you won't be able to wear trousers so it may be worth considering buying a nightgown with buttons down the front.

I bought a really cheap one a few sizes bigger from Matalan. It wasn't pretty though. But then can a £8 nightie ever be nice?!

bytheMoonlight Thu 12-Aug-10 21:28:05

Pretty is not important, cheap is lol!

I wanted to cover my legs, they are quite scarred from my excema.

But your right IlikeToMoveIt, at least one nightie is a must I guess.

I don't know why I hadn't considered Ebay before, off to have a good mooch!

Chunkamatic Thu 12-Aug-10 21:32:04

Do you have a Primark near you? I got a couple of nighties in larger sizes for both my labours, they are £2 and £3 each. Some of them got messed up so it was good not to have to worry about binning them! You can also get pairs of cheap PJ's with button through shirts.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 12-Aug-10 21:32:18

How about buying some cheap leggings to wear under a nightie?

Just incase you do have a section, make sure whatever bottoms you have sit on the waist and aren't hipsters. Hipsters and scars don't mix!

ilovemyoboe Thu 12-Aug-10 21:34:21

I bought a couple of cheapish ones from the kind of shops that stock old fashioned type of long ones, which tend to be buttoned to help the old ladies get them on and off! They're not pretty, but then you're unlikely to use them again. Try places like BHS, Peacocks, maybe M&Co in a sale (I got some there for just BF, not the maternity bit), Matalan. Oh, and eBay is great too!

I would suggest 2 nighties in case of ... erm .. accidents when the catheter is removed blush.

bytheMoonlight Thu 12-Aug-10 21:49:40

I've now got a few pairs of pyjamas I am watching on Ebay, they are quite cheap as well ... fingers crossed for not too many bidders grin

Think I'll pop into town tomorrow and have a good look around Primark, Peacocks etc. Matalan is a bit further out but if I can't find any, I'll try there another day.

Good tip about the hipsters, hadn't thought about that - would have ended up with trousers I wouldn't be able to wear!

nicm Thu 12-Aug-10 23:04:12

hi, do you have a dunnes near you? i got 2 nighties from there for £3 each and they button right down the front. also they sell pyjamas with belly warmer trousers wink and button up tops. i have got some of these this time for winter baby!

gaelicsheep Thu 12-Aug-10 23:12:10

I bought my hospital pj's from Tesco. You don't need maternity bottoms - just a size or two up from normal - and you just need a loosish top. They cost me a fiver IIRC. Any "breastfeeding" clothing is a complete con and a rip off - totally unnecessary IME.

DinahRod Thu 12-Aug-10 23:20:16

Re the C section/wearing a nightie/hiding your legs - remember you will be wearing attractive knee high thick surgical stockings for 3 days, the catheter will come out within 24hrs, so nightie only needs to be knee length.

My best PJ buys were M&S lounge pants which come up high on the waist, they were also good for leaving hospital in, receiving visitors in, so got loads of use.

What size are you?

lucy101 Fri 13-Aug-10 08:04:57

There was a rack of reduced pyjamas (£1 - and very nice actually, plain grey or cream jersey) in my local Primark. I bought 5 pairs 2 sizes too big (so they were loose enough to easily BF and the elastic waist came over up over the bump) which have just been brilliant as I have loads the same and could just wash them tops or bottoms and didn't worry. I also bought 3 nightshirts in there with buttons down the front if I would have preferred to wear those.

flower1988 Fri 13-Aug-10 08:54:54


porcamiseria Fri 13-Aug-10 09:44:00

primark , just get a larger size

bytheMoonlight Fri 13-Aug-10 14:41:28

I went in Bon Marche today and bought 2 nighties and two pairs of Pj's for a fiver each in the sale.

Thanks to ilovemyoboe for suggesting the old lady shops grin

Thakns for the suggestions everyone smile

bytheMoonlight Fri 13-Aug-10 14:43:16

and they had buttons down the front!

eastmidlandsnightnanny Fri 13-Aug-10 14:50:40

I am having a c-section in 13days!! I have brought 2 maternity nightdresses with the clip down straps for breastfeeding and these were in mothercare sale for £10 for the twin pack. I have also brought 2 strappy nightdresses from marks ages ago sz bigger than normal and they were £15 for 2.

Primark is good for cheap pj's and nightdresses.

I got a thin dressing gown from primark for £6 for hospital and when home as will be warm still end of aug and also hospitals are baking hot.

bigredtractor Fri 13-Aug-10 15:52:31

New Look have a lovely range too - long night-shirt style things, vest tops etc. etc. (if you don't find fighting past a load of teenagers to get to them!).

MassiveBumperlicious Fri 13-Aug-10 15:59:56

Primark have separates which I have just bought, jersey bottoms a couple of sizes bigger and tops with buttons at the breast so good for bfing.

Cosmosis Fri 13-Aug-10 19:30:40

I bought hospital pjs from tesco, just in a bigger size to normal, I think they were £5.

whirleywoo72 Fri 13-Aug-10 20:48:02

hi babe. you dont have to buy special clothes, and pyjamas, i got a pair of asda cheap pair, in a big size, and my clothes i got 2 or 3 sizes larger, im now 34wks and in mens t shirts xxl and leggings, dont waste money, because your not gonna be in them for longx

whammie76 Sat 14-Aug-10 17:28:09

I'll be heading to Primark soon too, as I'm needing one of those short thin dressing gowns and a cheap pair of slippers.

Sweedy Sat 14-Aug-10 21:32:51

Lol, I feel so silly reading here that you, ladies, are looking for tops with buttons. Went to tesco today & bought some top, which I liked, you can't even call it a T-shirt you know, it has half sleeves.I thought I could use in the hospital, but it has no buttons or anything. I didn't even think I may need something with buttons. I feel so silly :D

WidowWadman Sat 14-Aug-10 21:50:45

You don't need buttons. I didn't have any. tops can be pulled up to put the baby on, and you can have the rest of you covered by the duvet if you're worried or don't have pj bottoms.

My catheter came out around 10 hours after the c-section. Never had stockings either, just had to inject myself for 5 days (but was active from the beginning)

Oh, and tesco usually do cheap and cheerful maternity sleepwear

sam26oscar Sat 14-Aug-10 22:06:26

i got beautiful maternity p.j's from e-bay, jojo maman bebe and blooming marvellous for less then £3!! Excellent condition too smile

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