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Pregnant again so soon!!

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sjr Mon 28-Jul-03 09:36:04

Am new to this chat business! but have found conversations very interesting so thought I'd give it a go! Have just found out am pregnant and daughter only 5 and a half months old! It is all a bit daunting really. Didn't want too much of an age gap (am 36 in October) but this is probably a little extreme as could be up to 6 wks pregnant already. Am still breastfeeding 2/3 times a day - not sure if this is ok? Will see doctor this week ... here we go again!!! Any advice GRATEFULLY received.

badjelly Mon 28-Jul-03 10:28:25

No advice other than to remind you to look after yourself but wanted to say congrat's.

wickedstepmother Mon 28-Jul-03 10:35:55

No real advice here, but just wanted to echo badjelly and say congratulations and all the very best for this pregnancy

wickedstepmother Mon 28-Jul-03 10:36:19

P.S. Welcome to chat !!!

quackers Mon 28-Jul-03 10:45:34

I can't advise personally I'm afraid - but know someone who can! If you come and join us on the Anyone due in March thread, Spikeycat is pg and her little one was 7 months, so I'm sure she'd love to chat to you about what is like to be pg with a young baby.
Good luck and hope your pg goes well! Welcome tooxx

sjr Mon 28-Jul-03 12:23:04

Thanks everyone! Will go to Anyone due in March thread and seek advice from Spikeycat too!

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