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Low lying placenta at 12 weeks?

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varicoseveined Wed 11-Aug-10 20:16:53

I had my first scan today (12+6) and on my notes it says that ny placenta is low, reaching the OS. The midwife was quite hurrried but explained that it's way to early for me to be worried about this. Has anyone else had a low lying placenta at the 12 week scan and did it eventually move away from the cervix?

bluefootedpenguin Wed 11-Aug-10 20:50:35

Hi. My placenta was low lying at 12 weeks but was clear at 20 weeks scan. Had a normal labour and birth. HTH.x

varicoseveined Wed 11-Aug-10 20:53:35

Nice one, thanks for your reply bluefootedpenguin

MathsMadMummy Wed 11-Aug-10 20:54:56

same as penguin - low on first scan, was worried and convinced I'd need an ELCS, but at 20 weeks it was fine

MathsMadMummy Wed 11-Aug-10 20:56:38

actually, scrap that.

at the 20 week scan it was low.

got sent for another scan at 36 weeks, and by then it was fine.

(incidentally on my second pregnancy the placenta moved really early!)

redandyellowandpinkandgreen Wed 11-Aug-10 21:02:59

Mine was like this at 20 week scan and I read it was very common, especially before 20 weeks and most just move. I can't remember the statistics sorry but it isn't anything to worry about.

kkey21 Wed 11-Aug-10 21:07:30

With both mine the placentas were low at 12 and 20wks, but a re-scan at 36wks with my first and it had moved but the 2nd one took another scan a week later, so 36 and 37wks and yes it had moved, just enough by a fraction, allowing a natural birth.

I think it is pretty common and in most cases they do move.

varicoseveined Wed 11-Aug-10 21:43:01

Thanks everyone! I'm a bit more relaxed now

mummytosquidgies Wed 11-Aug-10 21:51:44

I had a bleed at 16 weeks and when they scanned found I had a low lying placenta. They noted it in my journal, but by 20 weeks it had moved well up out of the way.

I think most placentas do move, try not to worry

breatheslowly Wed 11-Aug-10 22:02:24

Mine was low at 20 weeks but fine at 36 weeks and had the advantage of us getting a scan at 36 weeks which meant we got another look at our baby.

cardamomginger Wed 11-Aug-10 22:07:55

Yes - low at 12 weeks, at 21 weeks, compeletely out of the way and then high by 27 weeks (had additional scan for growth). Chances are it will be fine!

scgd Thu 12-Aug-10 23:05:35

had a low lying placenta at 21 week anomaly scan. scan picked up issue re baby's kidney so was informed i'd be scanned every 4 weeks til birth to check he was still growing ok. at 28 week scan placenta was high (which is better than low i guess) but indicated baby was breech. by 32 week scan he was head down. each time we're scanned, we get an update of his approx weight, at 34+3 he already seems to be 6lb 8oz which means i'm now scared of having a big baby, so my advice is i wouldnt worry AT ALL. in our instances, the extra scans only gave us something else to worry about! on a positive note though, just had another scan at 34+3 and they are now happy they dont need to scan again until he is out

QueenOfProcrastination Fri 13-Aug-10 08:15:23

I had this at 12 and 20 week scan, was given a 32 week scan and all fine. Placenta had moved from abutting cervix to 7 cm away (apparantly the minimum distance my consultant / midwifes will 'allow' in order to try for vaginal birth is 3cm away from cervix)

This is a common issue at 12 and 20 week scans, only a very small proportion of women with this issue do not go on to have a vaginal birth if they wish.


poly786 Wed 10-Dec-14 13:26:14

I had my scan at 12 weeks and had a low lying placenta reaching os is it ok for me to have intercourse?

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