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Anyone had IV iron infusion???

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merlin8878 Wed 11-Aug-10 13:37:55

Currently 34+2. I've been anaemic since 18 weeks.

My latest blood results came back yesterday (hb 9.9, ferritin 5). Hospital not happy.

I've been taking ferrous fumerate liquid since 18 weeks, but stopped last week as its making me feel so ill.

When I saw my consultant this morning and told her this, she booked me in to the day assessment unit on friday afternoon to have an IV iron infusion.

Anyone had any experience of this? Not sure what to expect.


AhickeyfromKenickie Wed 11-Aug-10 21:20:49

Am due to have this on Monday, will you let me know how you got on please?
Good luck smile

EightiesChick Wed 11-Aug-10 21:23:17

I haven't had this but I have had a blood transfusion when my hb became extremely low (not while pregnant). That perked me up incredibly quickly, so I would guess the IV would have a similar effect. Hopefully it does and you feel better very quickly.

EldonAve Wed 11-Aug-10 21:26:16

take a book, drink and snack

I had 3 after DC2 they were all fine

Hopefully you will feel much better

Are they investigating the cause of your anaemia?

Cluds Wed 11-Aug-10 21:54:06

Hi, my hb went down to 9 and have been on the ferrous fumarate tablets 3 x a day and that didn't work so am now on monthly B12 injections which seem to be doing the trick. They decided to do this after they had done some investigative tests - maybe you should ask if this would be worthwhile for you? Hope you feel better soon!

merlin8878 Wed 11-Aug-10 22:20:39

Thanks for the replies.

AhickeyfromKenickie yes I'll let you know how it goes.

EightiesChick I hope it does perk me up. Really finding it hard now - and still got 3 more weeks of school hols to get through!

EldonAve You've had 3? They told me I'd only need 1. Really hope it works first time. They've put it down to me being vegetarian (even though I've been eating lots of iron rich things) and this being DC3. I was anaemic with DC1 and 2, but its never been picked up so early before or gone on for so long.

merlin8878 Wed 11-Aug-10 22:27:50

Cluds They've checked B12 and folate levels and they're in the normal range.

Hopefully the IV will do the trick.

ilovemybabies Wed 11-Aug-10 22:55:05

Im a Haematology Specialist nurse and we give IV Iron to various people. It is safe to have and personally would prefer it to a blood transfusion. There are 2 types of IV Iron, 1 were it is a 4-5 hour infusion and this replaces the total body iron stores and is a one off infusion. The other takes about an hour but you may need a total of 3 - 5 infusions depending on the hospitals policy.A lot of patients report feeling better within a week and the side effects are not like taking the oral preperations.
Take a book along to keep occupied and relaxed.I think the worst bit is having the cannula put in.
Hope it goes well and you feel better soon

Swaliswan Thu 12-Aug-10 06:56:55

I had three infusions after the birth of DC1. They were fine. So glad that I had them as I was barely able to walk down to the NNU to visit her because I was so breathless. There really isn't much to having them and it is risky to give birth whilst anaemic as this increases the chances of bleeding more and becoming even more anaemic. I don't think that I could've given birth whilst that anaemic. My BM supply was also better after having the infusions.

I hope this helps.

merlin8878 Fri 13-Aug-10 22:26:48

Well after much messing about this afternoon, I finally had it done this evening.

AhickeyfromKenickie it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Having never had an IV before, wasn't sure what to expect. Worst part (for me) was the cannula going in and coming out. Once I was hooked up it took an hour, and someone came and checked my blood pressure every 15 minutes. As I had to drive myself home after, I was told to stay for a cup of tea when it was finished.

A couple of things the doctor didn't tell me on Wednesday though - you will need more than one, and although (in my case) it was booked in the day unit, it actually has to be done on the ward in case you have any reaction to it.

Oh, and just to warn you - the bag of IV iron is brown! After having liquid iron for so long you'd have thought I'd realised this before they produced it!!!!!

Good luck for Monday. I've got my second on Tuesday.

Cluds Sat 14-Aug-10 10:54:42

merlin8878 really hope you start to feel better! Glad your b12 and folate levels all good. Interesting to hear you are a vegetarian. I haven't eaten meat or chicken in 26 years, and have had anaemia in all 3 pregnancies (never as bad as this time though). I told the mw from the start that if i needed to eat red meat i would - you know if it would help the baby etc. She said no, as my stomach might struggle to digest it since it has been so long since i last ate it. I do wonder though if i should have. Am hoping my anaemia and low b12 will improve before birth as i am hoping for a hb and don't think they will let me if i am anaemic. Good luck!

merlin8878 Sat 14-Aug-10 11:39:46

cluds I've been veggie for 20 years. I know I'd never stomach any type of meat now even if they told me I needed to eat some. Like you, I've told the mws from the start I'm veggie and its been written in big letters in my notes!

3rd pg for me too, anaemia in all 3 but its not been this bad before or gone on for so long. Looking back at my booking bloods, I was borderline then.

I've recently discovered cashew nuts contain twice as much iron as minced beef. So I'm snacking on them at the moment. Absolutely sick to death of broccoli etc!!

How much longer have you got left?
I've got just over 5 weeks left. I'm seeing my consultant again in just over 2 weeks and having bloods repeated then. I hope they've risen enough. I'm trying to get an early induction with this one and they won't even discuss the possibility of it until my bloods have risen, and I get to 37 weeks of course. I've got SPD which is getting worse. Been in so much pain and discomfort for weeks and have only just got a physio referral this week (but can't be seen until Aug 26th).

Good luck to you too. Hope your levels rise enough so you get your hb.

Cluds Sun 15-Aug-10 15:38:00

Hi merlin8878 we must be due around the same time, as i have just over 5 weeks left - 20th sept for me. Didn't know about cashew nuts and love them, so that's good. SPD sounds horrid and I'm so sorry you have been suffering from it. Are you able to get around ok? How old are your other 2 kids - old enough to entertain themselves?
Am having bloods re-done this week so it will be interesting to see what has changed, am then seeing the wa**er of a junior consultant the following week who is supposed to shed some light on the hb. However he will probably just be condescending as always, and make me feel like I am wasting his time.........
Keep in touch and hope your physio (when you eventually have it) helps with the SPD - by the way that really is ridiculous having to wait that long.

merlin8878 Wed 18-Aug-10 10:47:43

Hi cluds we're due at exactly the same time! 20th September for me too - DD1s birthday!! She'll be 6, DD2 is 3.3. They've been really good. The whole of this pg not been easy at all, so I'm afraid they've had a lot of Cbeebies and DVDs. But at least I've been able to spend more time with them since the summer hols started even if we can't really go out and about much.

Had my second infusion yesterday evening. Another performance to get it, but at least I got it. Because I was fine after the first, they can now double the dose of iron they put in it. DP says I look better already.

Don't know if iron IV is an option for you, but its called Venofer what I'm having. Hope your levels have risen when you get them checked, but might be worth asking about if they're still low.

Sorry you've got an arse of a junior consultant. I hate the way they make you feel like you're doing something wrong and its all your fault. I've been lucky with my consultant and the registrar I've been seeing (both female) and both very nice. Its the midwives (community and hospital). Various things have happened during this pg and I've now got no faith/trust in any of them.
Starting to dread giving birth this time and am starting to think about asking for a section just so there's a doctor there.

AhickeyfromKenickie Wed 18-Aug-10 16:46:36

Hi, just wanted to come back and say thanks for letting me know what happened, my MW was very vague about the procedure. Glad you're feeling better, can't wait 'til it starts to have an effect on me (exhausted!)

Cluds Thu 19-Aug-10 18:24:13

ooh merlin which one of us will be first??!!
REALLY hope you are starting to feel better after your 2nd infusion.
Am still planning on my hb, but only if bloods are all back to normal. Went by the hospital today, with both kids, to get next lot of bloods done, but there were 17 people waiting and just couldn't put the boys through that! Will pop back tomorrow early morning and hopefully get them done so that results will be back in time for my next appointment. Do keep in touch and let me know how you are doing!
AhickeyfromKenickie ( like a Hallmark card.....ahh, Greese one of my favourite films!) hope you are feeling better too?

SpiderWilliam Thu 19-Aug-10 22:58:14

Sorry to hijack, but sounds like someone will know this:

At what hp level are you classed as anaemic when pregnant? Bloods today came back at 11.6 which mw said was fine, but I had it in my head from being anaemic in my first pregnancy that it was 12? Maybe that is for the non pregnant.

In both pregnancies I have not got as low as some of you (poor things), but I am keen to keep up my iron. At 5wks I was 14 ish, and I am now 28 weeks. Looks like it is dropping. Feeling knackered too.

Thank-you and good luck with the transfusions, deliveries etc.

AhickeyfromKenickie Thu 19-Aug-10 23:33:12

Personally I was told I was anemic at 10.2, then when I dropped to 8.3 I was sent for the infusion. I believe if you're under 11 during pregnancy that's classed as anemic, could be wrong though!
Cluds a little bit, thanks, just typing seems to wear me out!

AhickeyfromKenickie Thu 19-Aug-10 23:34:09

I can't spell anemic blush

mears Thu 19-Aug-10 23:45:43

Have any of you heard of spatone? it is a liquid iron preparation best taken with orange juice which is really easily absorbable. Supposedly better than ferrous sulphate. Will post a link

mears Thu 19-Aug-10 23:47:03


SpiderWilliam Fri 20-Aug-10 00:17:33

Yes I started taking Spatone last week over the counter although I did check with mw first. So far I have avoided the strange poos I get from ferrous fumerate (sp). It tastes perfectly fine in orange juice too.

Thanks Kenickie - that would fit with what the mw said this morning.

Cluds Fri 20-Aug-10 09:34:59

Spatone did nothing for me, but my hb was at 9 so maybe that's why. My MW told me that you are classed as anemic when it gets to 10.5 and below. I would stick with the Spatone though SpiderWilliam as it won't do you any harm. If you do start feeling more tired though, and even a bit breathless then make sure you ask for another blood test.
Good luck!

SpiderWilliam Fri 20-Aug-10 09:55:25

Will do Cluds. Thanks.

EggsandBacon Fri 20-Aug-10 10:12:53

Hi - sorry to hijack this - I was just wondering if you could tell me what the problems are being anaemic during pregnancy, my doctor said I'm probably anaemic (I'm 22weeks) - I haven't had a blood test yet but I was wondering if amaemia is bad for the baby?


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