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39 weeks and suddenly feeling weird...

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Palace39 Tue 10-Aug-10 09:13:55

This could mean bugger all, but i've hit 39 weeks today, and the last couple of days i have started to feel very emotional, very tired and sick. I had a lot of sickness in the first 4 months but felt pretty much on an even keel since then (apart from the serious irritability). Could this be a sign of impending labour?

Also i have bad SPD and worse Sciatica, which i'm on crutches for. I managed to get the midwife to agree to an early sweep yesterday only to find that the baby's head is not engaged (was 4/5 two weeks ago), so she's booked me into hospital tomorrow for possible induction review. I've been warned they may admit me for bed rest first as i'm exhausted from all the pain (literally in tears all day and night).

I don't know whether to attempt to hold out for labour to come on naturally as i'm losing the will to live over here...and this is my first.

Has anyone had a similar experience or can give me a bit of hope...?

BrownPaperandString Tue 10-Aug-10 09:21:26

There is no need to be in pain - why don't you go and see an osteopath??

buttonmoon78 Tue 10-Aug-10 09:24:27

Oh poor you. I truly feel for you. I hope very much that it is labour starting but I'm afraid it might just be that you've had enough. I know because I was in your position (I was put on crutches half way through). I never made it to 39 wks. I had a major teary strop with consultant at about 30 wks (I think) during which she promised me induction at 38 wks.

It was my 3rd and shortest labour. It was pretty intense when it got going (there were 3-4 hrs of faffing with breaking waters and getting the drip going) but only more painful because he was back to back.

I would say though that had I known this I would have asked for an epidural straight away rather than braving it out as it was then too late.

The midwives were fabulous - SPD was ALL over my notes practically with flashing lights! And every time someone came into the room DH said 'she's got SPD' so he was ace too. The SPD pretty much cleared up straight away and I had my first bath in months (physio kept telling me to have a bath but never explained how I could get in or out!).

I really hope that it is starting naturally for you but if you decide on an induction, it really isn't the bad thing some people can make it out to be. It is still a natural birth after all.

Good luck, let me know how you get along. Oh, and if it helps, wail like a banshee - it always made me feel better even if the dds thought I was nuts grin

buttonmoon78 Tue 10-Aug-10 09:25:58

Osteopaths are great but at 39 wks it's probably a little late to start things like that. You're better off focussing on what happens after baby's born.

Palace39 Tue 10-Aug-10 09:55:59

BrownPaperandString as buttonmoon78 said, physio has advised that i'm too far gone to do anything except inflame it more at this stage. Had the doc's refered me when i first asked for help then i could have been a lot more comfortable by now!!

Apparently it's something that we will discuss in the next few weeks once kiddo has turned up depending on how i am after that.

I wish i could go to sleep and wake up to find that the baby has arrived and i can walk again!!

buttonmoon78 thank you for your good wishes.. i'll bear in mind that it may not be ALL that bad being induced...roll on tomorrow!

BrownPaperandString Tue 10-Aug-10 11:54:02

I promise you 39 weeks is not too late. I have treated people at 2 weeks overdue and they have felt 95% better by the next day. You need to see one who is competent at manually correcting pelvic torsions.

Palace39 Tue 10-Aug-10 13:07:33

Really? Oddly i can hack the SPD, i thought that was bad until the Sciatica kicked in. Now that is painful.

I feel like a 92 year old.

In any event i'm booked into the unit tomorrow morning so i'll see what they decide to do. If they send me home again i'll look into seeing an osteopath then..

BrownPaperandString Tue 10-Aug-10 13:40:52

It's really really uncomfortable isn't it - I do feel for you. Good luck tomorrow xxx

buttonmoon78 Tue 10-Aug-10 14:48:06

I stand corrected! I hope you get sorted soon in whichever way works for you.

Palace39 Tue 10-Aug-10 16:32:33

Thanks both, here's hoping the end is nigh! x

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