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When was your first antenatal app and what happened?...

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clarebear1 Fri 06-Aug-10 13:40:10

Doctors told me its changed now and i ring maternity choice number and they contact me. So got an app through today for 15th Sept, i will be 10 weeks then. This is the first contact i will have with a doctor and midwife is this quite late? This isnt a scan is it? I know theyll do the urine test, BP etc, just seems weird that i have this at 10 weeks then a couple of weeks later i should have a scan...

cinnamongreyhound Fri 06-Aug-10 13:47:15

It's pretty usual, I rang the GP as I made an appointment with my first and it was a waste of time. They referred me to the midwife and she phoned me to make an appointment. Had it around 10 weeks and yes, then a scan at 12 weeks. She took all my details, BP, didn't do urine tests but did take several lots of blood. Took just over an hour as they do ask a lot of questions and give you lots of bits of paper!

I found it very hard as it's the time of the pregnancy that you have nothing to really tell you that you are pregnant and I worried a lot. Later on I could have gone without appointments as I knew the baby was ok once it started moving but it's more important for the midwives to check things then. Hope the time passes quickly for you and you get a nice midwife

websticks Fri 06-Aug-10 15:01:07

I think its different from area to area, I went to see GP when i was 5 weeks preg she asked if i was taking folic acid and how i was feeling ect and then told me to make an appointment with midwife at reception on way out.

Appointment was made for 8 weeks told to take urine sample, had bp checked and asked loads of question about my health DP health and family health in general appointment lasted approx 45 mins, she then said i would get a letter through the post in a week or so for scan and blood tests after. i was 13 +3 then.

I wouldnt worry about it being at 10 weeks it will all be done in the end.

What area are you in?

BabyValentine Fri 06-Aug-10 15:08:11

I went to the GP with my first and it was a waste of time, as cinnamon says. He even tried to give me a prescription for folic acid - so £6 for a few tablets, er no thanks!

This time I just rang for a midwife appointment at about 7/8 weeks and was given one for nearly 10 weeks. Bloods taken, lots of forms, no urine test though but have bottles for next appointment at 16 weeks. Allow up to an hour for the booking-in appointment. Scan appointment came through the post for 12+4 weeks - had it yesterday and it took 5 minutes.

Congratulations, BTW smile

tingelingle Fri 06-Aug-10 15:14:00

Hi congratulations. It's also 10 weeks around our way. If you have any niggles before then you can contact the midwife or GP though.

I found it very hard to accept in my first pg that i was left alone like this. I had to rely on books and sites like this, babycentre etc to answer my 1 million questions. But apart from various forms to fill, the main part of the appt will be to test your wee for sugar (so eat a good diet, if you're up to it), blood pressure and weight. In our area, the appt for the 12 week scan comes separately, it's not dependent on your 1st midwife appt.

clarebear1 Fri 06-Aug-10 15:16:47

Thanks all!

All seems normal then. My DDs 4 now so a few things seem to have changed since then.

Im in Bexley borough websticks. Got app directly from hosp, doctors havent been involved at all which is differnet.

websticks Fri 06-Aug-10 15:20:32

Yes it seems very different from area to area i am in manchester and you see gp first to "confirm" your pregnancy. Yet they dont test you just take your word for it!

Applepip75 Fri 06-Aug-10 15:49:04

I had an early scan at the Early Pregnancy Unit at my local Hospital as there was confusion about my dates (I have PCOS and no periods). I have to say it was comforting to see the baby moving about etc and it turned out that I was a couple of weeks ahead of where I thought I was (I'm 10 weeks 2 days and I thought I was more like 7!!)

I filled out some forms there and have to wait to hear back from them for my first Antenatal.

LunaticFringe Fri 06-Aug-10 20:34:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilmamma Fri 06-Aug-10 20:38:33

my daughter was about 10 weeks and had a scan to check the dates,and fill out all the usual medical buff.she goes back again at 22 weeks for the 20 week scan,couldnt fit her in till then..

clarebear1 Mon 09-Aug-10 17:58:12

Right so ive miss counted my dates so when i have my first app i will be 12 weeks. Surely i shouldve seen them by then and due my scan?

nunnie Mon 09-Aug-10 18:12:09

Is this a hospital appointment or just community midwife appointment? I had my hospital appointment on the same day as my scan if that helps.

nunnie Mon 09-Aug-10 18:13:04

Should say it varies from area to area, and even doctors to doctors here.

pinkgrasshopper Mon 09-Aug-10 18:20:54

Hi. I'm in South London, and my weekend consisted of booking in appointment at 11.30am on Saturday, which was a chat, urine, BP. Maternity Unit tour at 10am Sunday, and back to give blood for testing at 3pm Sunday. Nuchal scan on Friday. So 4 separate visits in a week..!

clarebear1 Mon 09-Aug-10 18:31:01

Its at the hospital. First app ive had since preg, thats with either a doctor or midwife. Im hoping theyre not gonna say oh ur 12 weeks we will do your scan today because im going on my own. This app is for blood tests paper work etc i think.

pinkgrasshopper Mon 09-Aug-10 18:41:00

I think you should ring them and check about the scan. From what you've said it seems unlikely that they will do one, but it would be a shame if they did and you wanted someone with you. I think it's perfectly acceptable to ring up and ask just in case!

I wish I had. My letter was very vague so we heeded on the side of caution and DH came with me. He was very unimpressed at having to get up early on a Saturday morning to watch me answer questions and fill in forms...

clarebear1 Tue 10-Aug-10 22:08:57

I think i did say on the phone my DP doesnt need to be at this one does he because the apps at 8.30 so need him to take DD to school. God knows how im gonna be up and out that early!

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