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Can I ask what was your down's risk ratio?

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babynelly2010 Thu 05-Aug-10 14:25:21

Does anyone know what is the lowest risk ration one can get?

saintlydamemrsturnip Thu 05-Aug-10 14:28:36

It will depend on the age. A 35 year old's lowest possible risk ratio will be higher than a 25 year old's lowest possible risk ratio.

If it's below 1 in 100 it's lower than your risk of autism!

ReneRusso Thu 05-Aug-10 14:28:52

Mine was 1 in about 900 for DD3, but I was quite old, I think it can be much lower if you are younger

pamplem0usse Thu 05-Aug-10 14:30:21

I got 1 in 1.5 million.... I'm 26.

MathsMadMummy Thu 05-Aug-10 14:32:42

I was 19 when pregnant (although may have turned 20 when I had the scan?) and as well as the normal scan we went to Kings in london, where one of the leading researchers was doing more extensive tests - blood tests, heart monitoring, all sorts. got about 1 in 13000 I think?

with DC2 we lived outside london so only had the scan, can't remember the number.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 05-Aug-10 14:33:12

Mine was 1 in 33000 roughly when I had DS - I was 30 when I got pregnant.

babynelly2010 Thu 05-Aug-10 14:35:41

I was wondering if it was possible to get something like 1:40000 at the age of 30, sounds extremely low risk but I guess it gets better if pamplemOusse got 1 in 1.5 million at 26 shock
That is a very good score!

domesticsluttery Thu 05-Aug-10 14:36:52

I had 1 in 1500 with DS1 (I was 24), 1 in 1500 with DS2 (I was 26) and 1 in 30 with DD (I was 28).

Here it says that 1 in 1500 is normal for a 20 year old, rising to 1 in 30 for a 45 year old.

Palace39 Thu 05-Aug-10 14:37:01

I'm 28 and mine was 1 in 22,210. They described this as 'extremely low risk'. Happy happy!

notjustalawyer Thu 05-Aug-10 14:41:28

I'm 30 (just!) and mine was 1 in 18,000. They told me that was very low. I think they take all the different factors into account (age, nuchal fold, bloods) and then plug it into a computer, so your age is just one factor.

domesticsluttery - Do you mind me asking if any of your DCs had Downs?

japhrimel Thu 05-Aug-10 14:46:02

1:10,000 at age29

MathsMadMummy Thu 05-Aug-10 14:46:49

hmm I'm now wondering if it was 130,000 rather than 13,000? either way the Dr said it was very very low (so maybe it was low considering they'd done all the extra tests?)

I should possibly add that while I was 19, DH was 38, and although maternal age is very important, the father's age does come into it to a lesser extent IIRC because of, um, I don't know, something to do with sperm and chromosomes... <ponders>

domesticsluttery Thu 05-Aug-10 14:49:37

None of them have Downs.

I was offered an amnio with DD as the risk was so high, but I declined as I knew that I wouldn't terminate if she did and so I didn't want to go through the risk of miscarrying.

sarah293 Thu 05-Aug-10 14:52:30

Message withdrawn

randomimposter Thu 05-Aug-10 14:54:07

1 in 1658 at 39 with my son.

oldmum42 Thu 05-Aug-10 14:54:55

Yes, fathers age is a factor - some down syndrome is paternal (comes from the genetic material in the sperm), that's a small additional factor - I think about 5% are paternal in origin, off the top of my head.

1:13,000 is a TINY risk - getting a figure of 1:1500 - 1:2500 would be more typical.

katiepotatie Thu 05-Aug-10 14:57:51

I was 36 and has a 1 in 24 risk, went ahead with amnio. Horrible wait for results, but everything was ok. He's now a bouncing 15 month old smile

domesticsluttery Thu 05-Aug-10 14:58:47

DH's age may have made my risk higher as he is 12 years older than me, so was 40 when I was 28 and had a risk of 1 in 30.

MathsMadMummy Thu 05-Aug-10 15:00:49

ah ok thanks oldmum42

my mum had me at 35, I don't think she had the amnio. in her second PG I guess aged 37ish she was advised to have an amnio. she did, and lost the baby one more PG after that but she was obviously even older and had another early MC

toomuchtooyoung Thu 05-Aug-10 15:06:39

1 in 22,000 aged 38, DH is 40

Bumpsadaisie Thu 05-Aug-10 15:11:26

I was 34 and it was 1 in around 3500.

FunkyMonkey1983 Thu 05-Aug-10 15:25:44

I didn't get what my odds were, I was only told I was low risk and no further tests were necessary. Is this unusual? I'm in Scotland, if that makes any difference.

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Thu 05-Aug-10 15:28:49

I think it was 1 in 1500 with DS at 32 and 1 in 1200 with DD at 35. Something like that, anyway.

NickOfTime Thu 05-Aug-10 15:33:05

lol, riv, you beat me to it. smile

DillyDora Thu 05-Aug-10 15:33:11

I think I was 1 in 760, I'm 38....

but as other posters have said look at population risk for autism or CP! Try not to worry too much....

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