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anyone have instructions for asda pregnancy test?

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justaquickQ Tue 03-Aug-10 22:50:14

have namechanged for this.

AF due today, reason to suspect so just tested but have no instructions.

i waited 3 mins and looked.(not sure if this is the correct amount of time or not) 2 lines, first one blurry but definite. second one very clear. but i set it down and came back to it about 10 minutes later and only the second line is there. what does this mean? is it negative?

justaquickQ Tue 03-Aug-10 23:02:03


cece Tue 03-Aug-10 23:08:20


asda pregnancy test instructions

and the first result is a documnet NHS report on pregnancy tests. You need page 7

cece Tue 03-Aug-10 23:10:39

Looks like you are pg

cece Tue 03-Aug-10 23:12:55

Both lines have to be vertical for the result to be positive.

justaquickQ Tue 03-Aug-10 23:15:04

they were both vertical but the first one was just blurry. what is making me doubt is the fact that teh first one has dissapeared now.

justaquickQ Tue 03-Aug-10 23:16:02

thanks btw cece. for some reason my laptop isn't letting me download that doc. i think i will buy another test tomorrow to check again.

sam26oscar Wed 04-Aug-10 09:37:06

i think you disregard any result after 10 mins so therefore take it that there was a line but i agree with you to retest, you'll only spend the rest of the day knicker checking grin i tested every dew days until about week 8 [embarrassed]

DetectivePotato Wed 04-Aug-10 19:38:55

Come and tell us the result!

Leedslass90 Wed 04-May-16 15:46:46

Hi I am new here.
I did a asda digital pregnancy test and it said not pregnant but when I released the cartridge it had 2 blue lines. Has anyone else done one of these tests? :-)

murphyslaws Wed 04-May-16 15:52:23

Do it again and post photo

Osirus Wed 04-May-16 18:52:21

2 blue lines don't count on a deconstructed digital test. I have done digital tests in the past and always had two lines when taken apart (taken the test stick out) - the result on the screen was negative. Two lines only count on on a non-digital test.

IamChipmunk Wed 04-May-16 19:16:41

Do another in the morning. Try a superdrug or FRER. They r supposed to be more sensitive than digitals.

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