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ECV - External cephalic version, thoughts and experiences please.

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Jaysfourth Fri 30-Jul-10 14:01:29

I am 36 +4 and my LO is extended breach. she is also measuring just under 9lbs currently.

Shes my fourth child.

I have opted to try an ECV, at 38 wks.

Just wondering who has any experience of the procedure, did it work, was it painful, would you do it again...etc etc.

All thoughts are welcomed

littlebellsmum Fri 30-Jul-10 22:57:08

I had an ECV , 10 weeks ago when I was at 38+6 with my third child who was born a day later at 7.5lbs
I think it was a frank breach but can't be sure.
Procedure was really uncomfortable ( can't believe how much the consultant pushed) and didn't work and so I had an elective section a day later. I did expect to be sore after but I wasn't - maybe I wouldn have been if she had turned?

I would definetly have tried again in the same situation as if it had worked, I could have had the natural birth that I wanted.

I also tried accupuncture - just think for me it was too late. She wasn't a very mobile baby and just too comfy - knowing her now, she doesn't like to be moved.

Good luck with what you decide

Jaysfourth Fri 30-Jul-10 23:09:00

thanks little!

Sorry it didnt work, but at least you got to try.

glad your LO is now with you, i think in the end thats all that matters

ChristianaTheSeventh Fri 30-Jul-10 23:16:24

I chose not to have ECV with DD2. I was glad because she had the cord wrapped round her neck TWICE and it would have been a distressing procedure had they tried to turn her (although maybe a closer up scan would have identified that before the ECV was attempted, but had not been picked up in the two scans I had when they suspected she was breech.

Consultamt said to me during the C section that he thought some babies didn't turn for a reason, and her cord twice round her nexk was the reason. I thank God that the mw spotted she was breech early on, I hate to think what a labour for me would have been like.

My C section was actually a very pleasant experience and I loved it. Felt a bit crap afterwards, but was up and about the next morning, and able to drive etc within 3 weeks.

Miremont Fri 30-Jul-10 23:18:56

Had ECV at 38 wks with DS2 (DC3). It was quite uncomfortable, felt like the skin on my belly was being pulled and stretched but I don't remember it being unbearably painful.

The procedure was successful and DS2 was born naturally about 2 weeks later. He was much smaller though, weighing 7lb8oz at birth. Don't know if that makes any difference to likelihood of success.

I would definitely do it again.

Good luck

NonnoMum Fri 30-Jul-10 23:25:57

I was due to have an EDV with DC3 who was also extended breach.
I was scanned on the Friday, and spent Saturday and Sunday swimming, having reflexology and crawling about a bit.
Went in on the Monday to have the procedure - was all a bit delayed as they didn't want to start until theatre was free (gulp).
They scanned me to find out DC had moved into Head Down position.
Maybe similar stuff will work for you?
Good luck whatever happens.

Funny thing is, he moved about a bit tons in the last few weeks, and he does the same now in his sleep. He can be at one end of cot, facing one direction and I can go in five minutes later and he is at the complete opposite end.

Think I've given birth to a trapeze artist.

sam26oscar Sat 31-Jul-10 19:39:25

just had to google what ecv was and thats what i had just didn't know it was called that!! DS1 breech very early on and was turned succesfully at 37 weeks, he was born by EMCS at 41 weeks as i failed to progress (just to make you feel even more of a failure that you couldnt have natural birth!!)

NonnoMum Sat 31-Jul-10 20:17:14

ECV - oops.

How are you OP?

Jaysfourth Sun 01-Aug-10 06:59:24

thanks for asking nono....

i am feeling really low. Didnt realise how much it has affected me really. I SO cant get used to the idea i might not be able to give birth to my last baby....i posted on my antenatal wall that it feels like Christmas is coming, but i know that someone else will be opening my pressies for me and i dont get to experience the joy of it...

i know theres still time and i have been bouncing on that ball and getting on all fours, going to book some acupuncture tomorrow, might not be able to fit in alot of swimming, but will try anything!

anyway, best go see to the other little terrors who are currently destroying their rooms...and prob each other.


ChristianaTheSeventh Sun 01-Aug-10 12:46:07

Jaysfourth - the most important thing is your baby is born safely. And really, honestly C section is no bad thing, I feel it's blown out of all proportion. I have had a natural birth and a C section. They are both special. You can make the C section special too - it's very very good humoured, a wonderful atmosphere, the staff love it, you can play your own music, it was just WONDERFUL. YOu are just opening presents in just the same way.

So if it doesn't work don't be disheartened.

JaMmRocks Sun 01-Aug-10 12:50:54

Don't know if it's been mentioned, but I've heard people say moxibustion works. Could be all tosh but just thought it's worth suggesting.

KristinaM Sun 01-Aug-10 12:54:46

i had it and it worked

was sore but not agony , lots of pushing, but not as bad as one contraction [ouch]

was sore afterwards ( like after a hard session at the gym)

howvere ended up with a cs for other reasons .

MrsJamin Sun 01-Aug-10 15:10:56

I had a v v painful ECV at 39+5 with DC1 - it didn't work but I'm glad I gave it a shot. Most important thing to find out is how successful the particular consultant is - it's down to personal skill. A tip would be to have your hospital bag completely packed and left in the car - sometimes they are worried by the baby's heartbeat and would rather do a CS the same day. I'm pretty sure my ECV kicked off labour as my waters broke 8 hours after the procedure. You're likely to be quite successful as you're not a first-time mother. I had a CS and it really wasn't bad - it is still a birth and you will be very much present there - don't feel bad if that's what you'll need to have to keep safe and have your healthy baby in your arms.

Jaysfourth Sun 01-Aug-10 18:16:14

Thanks ladies for your thoughts and advice. I know i might be sounding daft about it all, and i do know an important part of all this is having a safe baby etc.

Have booked in for the moxibustion, sounds a bit 'hippy dippy' for me as a general rule, but the therapist i spoke to was very positive and gave me some good result stories. Have been bouncing, with a chid on either leg, for most of the afternoon, need to leave all fours till they are in bed or else i get clambered on!

mrsjamin, i wondered about the bag. i will take it in. i know sometimes that if things dont go according to plan then ESC is staying positive for now though

NonnoMum Sun 01-Aug-10 21:01:22

I'm the least alternative-medicine person I know (bugger the scented candles and give me a paracetemol) but the reflexology certainly did something for me.

And have you found the website spinningbabies? - bit Americano but well intentioned.

Good luck.

CardyMow Sun 01-Aug-10 21:49:50

My first was transverse. They did ECV when they induced me due to pre-eclampsia at 35+5. She was born by the normal exit route (couldn't think of a polite way to say it!). She was 6lb12oz, and suffered no ill effects from being turned, the only problem she had was jaundice, but that was because she was preemie. I did end up with bruises on my tummy, but tbh I'm glad they did it, as otherwise I would have had to have a c-section.

littlebellsmum Sun 01-Aug-10 23:05:30

Good luck Jays - remember, as you told me, the most important thing is that your LO arrives safely, however that is. At the time I was really down that I wasnt getting my lovely waterbirth at the birthing centre but it really didn't matter as my LO is here and sleeping beautifully in her cot!! Hope everything goes well and your LO does turn but remember, if they don't , it really isnt the end of the world

pinkheart Sun 01-Aug-10 23:16:44

ChristianaTheSeventh we dont check for cord round babys neck when we scan. it can be anywhere floating about. At my hospital patients are offered 1 go at ecv but no more unless a women pushes for it again (women wanting for home births usually). babies are that way round for a reason, they often turn back again. we had an interesting discussion on this in a recent meeting and our consultants are becomeing less willing to do this procedure at my workplace.

cece Sun 01-Aug-10 23:19:27

I had a transverse lie at 41 weeks and opted for ECV. The docs took a lot of persuading into it. Anyway I turned up the next day for the procedure and DC3 had turned the right way round overnight!

Hadn't felt a thing and he was 9lbs 15oz - born the next day after being induced, due to unstable lie!

NonnoMum Sun 01-Aug-10 23:22:15

Cece - yours can join mine in the circus act.

buttonmoon78 Mon 02-Aug-10 05:11:47

Hi Jaysfourth. I had ECV with dc3. He had been breech since about 25wks with bottom on my tailbone and feet pushing the front of my pelvis. He was turned at 37 wks and it was horrendous BUT I did have mega bad SPD. I had morphine but again this was prob due to the SPD. They scanned v v carefully before during & after. Oddly though, consultant was trying to turn him one way and after a few attempts said he wasn't going. I cried so he said ok, we'll try the other way and he popped round no prob!

For me it was terribly painful but the morphine helped and I would still do it again if the need arose as it saved a section which I didn't want for recovery time as much as anything.

And it worked. He only had a week left to get round again as I was induced at 38 wks due to the SPD (anothe scan...)

I think what I was unaware of is how medieval it would be - lots of heaving and grunting. And that was just the doc! Oh, and that they put the bed with the head end dropped down a couple of inches to 'open your ribcage'.

So, in a snapshot... bloody painful but worth it. IMHO.

ChristianaTheSeventh Mon 02-Aug-10 10:47:03

pinkheart that's really interesting

Also a little bit scary, I am really glad I opted not to go for it because I feel it would have been very distressing, potentially dangerous. I am stunned that where the cord is isn't checked! I gave birth to DD1 in KENYA and they checked the position of the cord before I was induced. Or did they just tell me that?!

pinkheart Sun 08-Aug-10 14:26:28

ChristianaTheSeventh what happens in out dept is that the pt gets a quick scan to check the baby is breech still before they start. (the scan is not normally done by a sonographer but by either a consultant or a midwife(either of who is not even qualified in ultrasound) and then they are scanned post procedure by us. their machine they use to scan with on the ward is terrible, very old and does not have the doppler facility to check cord. the bmus (british medical ultrasound society) are now trying to bring new legislation in to stop people scanning who have had no ultrasound scanning training/qulaifications at all. sooner the better.

Jaysfourth Mon 09-Aug-10 12:15:38

hi all

quick update... have been doing moxibustion since last Wednesday, also, walking down a few stairs frontways..(?) ball bouncing and all four kneeling.... i don't think she has turned so i am still off to the hospital tomorrow for the 'procedure'

Shall let you ladies know. Thanks for the tales (good and bad) i have since watched you tube to get some idea of whats to happen, doesn't look tooooo bad, but i am preparing for an uncomfortable time!

Jaysfourth Tue 10-Aug-10 21:36:09

hi all

another update.

Came into hospital today for a EVC. Scan showed her head down, i was elated, however but the end of scan( 3mins or so later) it was discovered her to be an 'unstable lie' which means shes bobbing about all over the place. They took fluid measurements which measured of the charts, along with all other baby measurements....

Main concern is that if my waters were to break, there is no telling what part of the baby might pop out first and it potentially could be fatal say if it was the umbilical cord.. so the upshot of it is, they have admitted me to hospital for the foreseeable future and are hoping she stabilizes head down when they could then do a controlled rupture of membranes ( which involves some invasive stuff..) and induce me a little earlier.

so no EVC, but now the next two weeks waiting - in hospital....

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