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Maternity bras - never have I been so uncomfortable!

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SamanthaB123 Thu 29-Jul-10 13:46:51

Hello smile. I am 28 weeks pregnant and since the start back in February my chest has been steadily increasing in size - as expected. I've been to M&S a couple of times to be measured for bras and each time the ones I am encouraged feel comfy at the time but having worn them all day they don't seem to really fit. I'm a bit annoyed but mainly fed up that I'm not comfy in my clothes. Interestingly the advice I've been given varies wildly. Anyone know of somewhere else I can get measured where they are actually good? London or Kent sort of area. Thank you!

vmcd28 Thu 29-Jul-10 16:39:26

interesting. I bought a pair of maternity bras, and was measured so they fitted nicely. But actually they dont fit - I feel like they ride up at the back, and - very bizarrely - if I dont wash them every few days, they smell of feet grin

vmcd28 Thu 29-Jul-10 16:40:41

-- from M&S too

RoseNoir Thu 29-Jul-10 16:41:18

Mothercare have some reduced packs of two! Bargain. Super comfy, but not a flattering shape.

Igglybuff Thu 29-Jul-10 16:44:17

NCT have trained "measurers" who will measure you when pregnant. They are for feeding bras but I'm sure it'll be fine size wise even if not BF.

here's a link

splashy Thu 29-Jul-10 19:12:08

bravissimo do really good fitting and nice bras, and mothercare do really comfy bras. though they do have them in rediculous sizes like 34B, what pregnant woman is that size? Would have liked a bigger choice in large sizes in store!

splatt Thu 29-Jul-10 19:16:01

DO NOT go back to M&S. Has horrific fitting experience there. Ended up in tears. Bought nothing. Went to Bravissimo who fitted me in a bra 2 back sizes smaller than the M&S woman, with wires (they are OK in pregnancy!) and 3 cup sizes bigger. SO much better.

MissBonpoint Thu 29-Jul-10 19:16:52

Agree totally - they are super uncomfortable. Took one back which I bought at Debenhams (wore it out the store, but 2 mins down the road wanted to rip it off), and another from Rigby & Peller - which was just terrible - I expected so much given I was 'fitted', but I'll never go back.

SamanthaB123 Thu 29-Jul-10 19:32:41

Do you know, I thought that it was just me! I am delighted (in the nicest way) to hear that other people are having the same problems. So I don't go back to M&S, where next - I can't go on like this for very long!

MissBonpoint Thu 29-Jul-10 20:05:09

The one I found very comfortable wasn't a maternity bra at all, but a wire free sports bra from Wacoal. I loved it. There are very few 'maternity bras' on the market it seems.

ReshapeWhileDamp Thu 29-Jul-10 20:11:07

The M&S bras are probably riding up the back because M&S bra fitters are notorious for fitting you a back size (or three, in my case) too large! That's not supportive and not comfortable. Go to Bravissimo, or if you're in London, the blessed Rigby & Peller. God, they know how to fit boobs in bras! grin

MissBonpoint - what went wrong with your R&P bra? I've never heard of a dissatisfied customer from there. They do often feel quite tight at first if you get a bra after a fitting with them, but I find you get used to the correct back fitting and most bras loosen up a bit after a few weeks anyway.

Bonsaibab Thu 29-Jul-10 21:40:10

Wired bra's are NOT suitable during pregnancy.

M&S are not good for bra fitting. Neither is La Senza.

Do you have a John Lewis near by?


domesticslattern Thu 29-Jul-10 21:50:25

FGS stay away from M&S.

TBH I wore wired bras throughout my pregnancy and again while bf (after the first few weeks of boob explosion). I just replaced them very frequently and alternated them with wire-free sports bras for weekends.

Have you tried John Lewis or Bravissimo, or, even better, any lingerie independents near you?

ps. Can I also offer myself up as another Rigby and Peller dissastisfied customer? I know it is complete heresy to say it aloud.

domesticslattern Thu 29-Jul-10 21:52:23

Also, if it's your back which is expanding and not just your cup size, google bra extenders.

BoffinMum Thu 29-Jul-10 21:55:14

Usually wired bras aren't recommended in pg and during bf, but I had a lot of success with Anita underwired bras and other MNetters have been pleased with them as well. You can get them on Figleaves.

BoffinMum Thu 29-Jul-10 21:56:29

I would second the thing about bra extenders, and you can also get silicon things to put at the top of the straps to stop them rubbing too much.

Applemuncher Thu 29-Jul-10 22:01:25

I'm a 32HH without being pregnant (God knows what size I'll end up now) and for me it's Bravissimo every time!! Marvelous.

M&S don't even do my size!

domesticslattern Thu 29-Jul-10 22:04:52

Applemuncher, I started off (slightly) smaller than you and made 38JJ. blush How? How did I even walk around without pushing them in a wheelbarrow?

poorbuthappy Thu 29-Jul-10 22:14:06

I went up to a 40HH whilst pregnant with the twins...I tried maternity bras (fitted) from M&S and Mothercare, and also some normal bras (also fitted) from Bravissimo...

I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. In the end I was wearing a very old (and unfortunately grey) bra from asda in a 36DD which I would wash out and dry every single day. It was the only thing which I could bear on my norks. I was hospitalised 3 times before going into labour at 34 weeks and I still washed that bloody bra every night in hospital!

And I still have it in my drawer. I will never wear it again, but I can't bring myself to throw it out...

Sorry, doesn't really help grin

MissBonpoint Thu 29-Jul-10 22:19:55

Bonsaibab, perhaps I just didn't have a good experience at R&P, though they did seem intent on selling me what they had in stock (size wise) rather than the right size for me - also I find it unhelpful that they only show you a couple of styles of bras. I prefer cruising racks of bras and picking out the ones I think will work for me & trying them on.
I found the Wacoal bra at Selfridges and the fitter was as pregnant as I was! It was a collaborative effort!

While we are on the subject, nursing bras are also a massive disappointment! At least there's more to choose from. Hardest part is getting fitted while you're still pregnant...then comes the baby and you're suddenly a very different size.

japhrimel Thu 29-Jul-10 23:03:22

M&S are crap! Bravissimo have been great for me - even if you don't think you're a D cup or bigger now, you might be after getting fitted properly. M&S tend to sell you a bra with a too big back size because they don't have the range of cup sizes needed.

Carrie06 Thu 29-Jul-10 23:11:58

John Lewis. Sadly, I didn't go and get measured by someone who knew how to do it properly until my baby was a few months old. During pregnancy, I wore M&S bras which were rubbish and Mothercare ones for BF (even worse). Avoid both of them and their bra-fitters!

jojo43 Thu 29-Jul-10 23:41:29

My boobs grew very quickly early on in pregnancy. Was fitted at John Lewis 34F at 10 weeks. The style chosen was called "Doreen" . Very old fashioned-think lift and separate! But sooo comfy. M and S had their own version which was cheaper.Google it, sure it's still around!

marriednotdead Fri 30-Jul-10 00:30:52

You may find here refreshing, and it's got pretty good transport links. I am biased so have a look at this.

You can wear wired bras during pregnancy if you want to (unless there's a medical reason not to) as long as they are properly fitted. Sometimes they are uncomfortable in later pregnancy if your bump is high, because it tilts the underwire so it digs in underarm or at the bottom of the cup.
Most UK bra fitting is so poor that advice to not wear wires during pregnancy/breastfeeding is seen as a safer bet by many medics. M&S tend to fit an average of 2 bands too big and 2-3 cups too small in my experience shock

splatt Fri 30-Jul-10 06:32:20

Wired bras CAN be worn in pregnancy IF they are fitted correctly.

The issue is that most people don't have the right size / fit. If the wiring is on breast tissue it can cause problems with the milk ducts. If it is fitted correctly the wire should be on the rib cage and no where near breast tissue.

Because your size can change so rapidly in pregnancy the risk with an underwired bra is that it will end up quickly sitting on the breast tissue. But if you're careful there's no reason not to wear and I was so uncomfortable and unsupported in the non wired 'maternity' bras M&S offered they'd be hitting the floor by now!

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