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Light bleeding after sex. Normal?

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Rocklover Thu 29-Jul-10 09:12:35


Dp and I, er, were "romantic" this morning, I have just been to the loo and I am bleeding a little bit (pinkish on wiping). I am 13+5 weeks pregnant, should I be worried or is it normal? I don't have any pain in my tummy, just a little sensitive "down there" which is normal for me after sex.

I wouldn't worry usually as I used to get bleeding after sex sometimes before I was pg, however, I spotted at 8 weeks and it has made me paranoid about stuff like that.

Sorry if tmi, I feel like a right idiot asking this.

Wanderingsheep Thu 29-Jul-10 09:17:08

It can be normal but I would call the MW or doctor to be sure. A little bit of pinkish discharge is unlikely to be harmful and is quite common in pregnancy but I would say that any bit of 'spotting' or 'unusual' discharge, in pregnancy should be checked out.

angels1 Thu 29-Jul-10 09:22:22

I had that too blush around the 7/8 week mark, but all was fine. I read the capilaries (or something) in that area can be more sensitive and so more likely to break and cause a little bleeding after being 'romantic'! I've been too scared for any further romantic action since until I've checked with mw just to make sure it's all OK and normal and I'm given the go ahead. Problem is, at 10 1/2 weeks I still haven't been contacted at all by my mws so can't ask anyone (and I checked with my GP, I have been referred, and they just told me to wait for an appointment and terrible as this sounds I don't want to ask GP as I don't always trust my GPs pregnancy related advice - she has been known to be wrong).

Are you feeling better after your rubbish day rocklover??

Rocklover Thu 29-Jul-10 09:35:59

Yes, I feel ok today thanks angels, still sicky, but Sunday seems to have been a one off for feeling horrendous.

I am not sure whether to contact my mw, because I had my 12 week scan last week and all was perfect. I am not bleeding enough to warrant another scan, it really is just pink stainage.

Also (sorry way too much info coming up), I had trouble going to the loo this morning and had to strain (god I love pregnancy) and this is when the pink appeared. I am not sure I would have actually seen any blood if I hadn't had probs going to the loo.

I am thinking to wait for a few hours and see if it gets any worse, I am pretty sure that's what the mw would advise anyway.

Wanderingsheep Thu 29-Jul-10 09:47:15

TBH, it sounds like if you were to ring the MW she would probably say that it doesn't sound too alarming and for you to just take it easy for a bit. Sorry, totally contradicting myself, I know.

If you've had a scan where everything was fine then the chances of anything going wrong now is very low.

Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy smile.

angels1 Thu 29-Jul-10 09:48:17

when I had bleeding it was just once when I wiped and then no more, if that helps, and glad you're feeling better

2ndDestiny Thu 29-Jul-10 09:48:43

Sounds like you might have a slight cervical erosion - totally harmless condition which causes superficial bleeding/spotting from the cervix, especially when the cervix is disturbed (e.g. by sex, or by straining). I had it before pregnancy but it can also start up or get worse in pregnancy cause of all the bloodflow down there. But I would get it checked just to be sure.

Rocklover Thu 29-Jul-10 09:54:14

Thanks for all your replies, I'm going to rest up for a while and see what happens. If I have to go for another scan that means I have to bloody drive to Torquay and I really don't feel like it right now.

But to be honest, i don't think a dr/mw would recommend that as everything was fine last Tues. I also got my blood results back and I am a low risk for DS despite being an "old lady" of 35. I am pretty sure that sex wouldn't cause a miscarriage would it? All was fine yesterday.

Wanderingsheep Thu 29-Jul-10 10:30:21

I had concerns in my last pregnancy about sex and voiced them with the MW. She said that sex will NOT cause a mc.

Rocklover Thu 29-Jul-10 10:33:33

Thanks wandering, that's what I thought. Just been to the loo and no spotting at the mo, so am relieved about that.

Tummy is a little tender now, but I think that is more because of my bowels tbh, just starting to get constipation every so often.

God, why is pregnancy so bloody scary???

chloebe Thu 29-Jul-10 10:33:46

you will be ok but call the midwife tho to put your mind at rest. it happened to us but we were in venice and were rushed to hospital on a water ambulance! all fine, red faces al round trying to explain what we'd been doing with the language barrier!

QueenOfProcrastination Thu 29-Jul-10 13:27:49

It is probably cervical erosion which is fairly common and doesn't usually have any negative impact on pregnancy. I have cervical erosion and had a few small bleeds in first 20 weeks of pregnancy, am now 36 weeks and getting my cervix elbowed regularly by my DC! Before getting pg I had no symptoms of cervical erosion but the extra blood supply there due to pg meant that I only found out about it when I went to get checked after a small bleed early on.

If you are worried it is always best to get checked out. Do you have an Emergency Gynae unit near you? I'm lucky enough to be registered with hospital that does, they were great - basically an A&E for Gynae issues - seen, scanned and reassured within two hours of each visit there.

As stress / worry is far more likely to affect baby (but not cause mc) than pinkish spotting, do whatever you need to do to relieve any concern.

Hope all is well.

cinnamongreyhound Thu 29-Jul-10 14:19:46

I had no bleeding at all when pregnant with DS but this time I had the same spotting when wiping at 11 weeks, was told not to worry and had to wait a week for 12 weeks scan, which was awful!!

I had similar spotting when wiping after we'd had a sex which lasted longer than usual. Didn't ring midwife with this as it was a very small amount and had no cramping, plus as you say in the few days after it was only when straining on the toilet blush, that was at 18 weeks. 20 weeks scan was fine and I am now 35 weeks with a very active baby.

I really wouldn't worry but it doesn't hurt to ring the midwife to put your mind at rest if you need it.

MeesaMum Mon 08-Nov-10 10:59:26

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

I am new to Mumsnet (1st post) and new to pregnancy (5+2 weeks). My hubbie and I were "romantic" for the 1st time since we learnt that we're expecting. (Too much info - sorry) I had pink spotting for an hour or so after and on waking this morning brown dried spots. I was so worried last night and got little sleep. Felt so sick at the propsect of a 'problem'. It was a real comfort to hear other people have had similar experiences.

My first appointment with MW isn't for 3 and a half weeks. Desparate to know things are progressing normally. Fingers crossed.

Any advice on how to cope with the waiting?

whoodoo Mon 08-Nov-10 11:52:30

I had it at 16 weeks with DS2 and spent an afternoon in triage to be told it was cervical erosion and completely normal. Oh the joys of pregnancy - got vaginal piles with DS3 - now that was fun.....wink

MeesaMum Mon 08-Nov-10 12:11:08

Thanks Whoodoo. It's 'nice' to hear other people have similar worries (though not nice to hear of fellow mums2b worrying - wouldn't wish the worrying on anyone).

Vaginal piles sounds like a whole new ball game shock.

Fingers crossed it won't come to that.

Thanks again.

kitten30 Mon 08-Nov-10 12:16:41

Yes I had the same and my consultant said it was cervical erosion. I wouldnt worry unless it is fresh red blood which is quite a bit. Some stained discharge will just be erosion.

MeesaMum Mon 08-Nov-10 12:18:44

Thanks Kitten30. No, it was definitely pale pink and then brownish this morning. No further signs since first thing. It's so reassuring to have contact with people - especially when it's too early to ask your friends.

kitten30 Mon 08-Nov-10 12:36:55

It happened to me at one in the morning and we had been to a country wedding and were in the middle of nowhere. I just sat and cried as I thought it was preterm labour I was 22 weeks. When I got back to the city I live in I went up to the hospital as they advised me to come in as it was red blood and spotting but they sent me home after monitoring the baby and said it was just erosion, I hadnt had sex either as I was way too scared. Then at 30 weeks I had sex and this caused an onslaught of awful contractions and landed me in hospital for two days as they thought I was having the baby. During that time I had two internals and they all made me bleed which was like pink and then the following day brown. Any little knock to the cervix can cause bleeding so dont worry.

MeesaMum Mon 08-Nov-10 12:48:14

Gosh. Thanks for the heads up. I'll try not to worry so much. It's so early and such a small amount of blood. I feel silly for being concerned. Now I know what it is likely to be I'll be calmer about it I think. I'll mention to the midwife if I have a repeat performance - though fairly sure there won't be much 'action' for a while!

Thanks for all your help.

kitten30 Mon 08-Nov-10 12:54:03

No you must never feel silly about being concerned and actually the midwives and hospital staff etc are so used to women ringing up asking these kind of things. They say sex is safe if you are not a high risk pregnancy but the way I see it was really until after the 12 week scan or a miscarriage you wouldnt really know if you were 'high risk' when its your first baby. I would say wait until you get passed 12 weeks before having sex again just for your own peace of mind. Others would probably disagree but for me it wasnt ever worth the risk or the worry afterwards if there was blood. Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy. xx

MeesaMum Mon 08-Nov-10 13:13:07

Thank you kitten30.

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