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What is covered in antenatal classes?

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Kiki84 Mon 26-Jul-10 16:50:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bumbums Mon 26-Jul-10 20:39:10

Hi, they cover signs of labour, labour and pain relief.Coping with pain. Feeding your baby, basic care of baby.

I went to classes with my first and found them invaluable. I was lucky that it was a mums only class and we all bonded really well. The girls I met have become firm friends. Its so important to know a few people in similar situation to yourself.

LouM10 Wed 28-Jul-10 14:05:23

I only went for the breathing. Got there, and the m/w was like 'We'll not be covering breathing today as there's not enough time. But I have never met a mother who hasn't been able to breathe properly in labour' Yeah thanks, that helps haha

Porcelain Wed 28-Jul-10 14:17:17

It depends on the class, who organises it, who runs it, what the participants want and how much time they have to cover stuff.

I went to NCT classes which was a course of about 15 hours and covered a lot of ground, I also tried to go to my NHS classes, but didn't like them, they were supposedly 4 hours (but didn't fill the time).

Ideally I would say you want them to cover:

The process of labour - what to expect and what to do.
Options for where to have your baby, pros and cons.
Signs of labour and when to call midwife
Pain relief, in detail, pros and cons, including stuff like water birth and TENS
Positions and exercises for birth and birth preparation.
Role of the birth partner (my NCT classes taught dads how to massage mums during labour, as well as how to react to particular signals, requests etc from labouring women - we did a very funny role play on that; then the dads also had separate discussions about being a birth partner, and their role post-birth, while the mums talked about post natal issues and girl stuff)
Caesarians, what happens etc
Basic baby care, nappies, routines, dressing.
Feeding baby (usually in the form of a BF workshop, but if you ask the teacher should be willing to talk about formula).

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