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33 weeks and really starting to feel it now...anyone else?

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OnEdge Wed 21-Jul-10 19:03:12

shock I am 39 , and 33 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. I am really really struggling to function now and got 7 weeks to go .

Anyone else?

I became knackered just putting a cushion cover on today grin

If I eat anything I feel over full and breathless.

Can`t lie on back cos get a bit breatless and stars in front of eyes

Braxton hicks are now dead strong and make me have to stand still.

And dont get me started on tiredness grin

If I cough I piss a bit.

nattiecake Wed 21-Jul-10 19:08:07

29 weeks and i get dizzy if i lie on my back, then my sciatica hits and im stuck on my back!

Monstermuncher Wed 21-Jul-10 19:29:24

Me too. I am enormous with 6.5 weeks to go and some days I could just cry with tiredness. Its too bloody warm and I am fed up of having to wear big clown trousers.

lolabanola Wed 21-Jul-10 19:30:06

I'm 31 weeks and have been very lucky as have mainly had an easy pregnancy ... that was up until I hit 30 weeks! I now feel constantly tired, constantly hungry but when I eat I get indigestion, whenever I try and do housework it actually hurts to breath afterwards ... haven't been unfortunate enough to wee when I cough ... but I am having great trouble bending down to pull my pants up!!

OnEdge Wed 21-Jul-10 19:48:03

I have started to wear maxi dresses, fuck knows what I look like, I avoid mirrors and shop windows. But it is more comfy.

DancingOnMyBladder Wed 21-Jul-10 19:56:53

Oh thank god i just read this! I was beginning to think I was the wimpiest pregnant woman around!

I am same as you OP, but 29 and 33 weeks with DC3.

I have no pelvic floor. Whatsoever.

I regularly get stuck on my back/ bending down/ on the sofa/ in the car....blush

I am hot and fed up and positively rejoice every day that it rains...even if it means DS's are stuck indoors.

I have a crap diet due to not be arsed to get myself anything decent so just been picking.

Have the BIGGEST craving for ice and my freezer door is now open so often that it needs defrosting!

Roll on September!

D0G Wed 21-Jul-10 20:06:35

Message withdrawn

OnEdge Wed 21-Jul-10 20:14:32

so do you reckon its the heat then? Not that Im getting too old for this and should have more sense.

I stood there today looking at the chaos in my house with crap everywhere and everyone having tantrums and I just thought



starshaker Wed 21-Jul-10 20:17:24

Im seriously hormonal, am in constant pain, the babies are taking turns to kick my lungs and bladder, cant breath, having fake contractions that hurt, generally just feel like crap and have another 5 weeks of this to go as my consultant has told me she wont give me a section till im nearly 40 weeks. So im looking at an emergency section since twins generally come earlier and they are both transverse

D0G Wed 21-Jul-10 20:17:45

Message withdrawn

D0G Wed 21-Jul-10 20:19:06

Message withdrawn

OnEdge Thu 22-Jul-10 00:27:44

starshaker shock

That sounds bloody AWFUL for you. How do they fit in your body across ways like that? I really cant imagine carrying two let alone transvers ones.

How are you feeling about it? Are you nervous about it all?

Dont they let twins come out naturally?

Have you got any other children?

starshaker Thu 22-Jul-10 00:38:19

Hes curled round the top with his head to my left and shes lying at the bottom with her head to my right. very uncomfy.
More worried about the epidural than anything else. If they had stayed head down i would have been allowed to birth naturally.
I also have a 5 year old who keeps me on my toes so no chance to rest

DancingOnMyBladder Thu 22-Jul-10 08:01:46

Gosh Starshaker I really feel for you.

I'm not liking the prospect of the unknown (i've had 1 two weeks late and 1 two weeks early so far so no idea when this one will make an appearance!).

It's making me very hormonal because i am due the week my youngest ds starts Reception at big school and i'm devestated i might not be here for his first day.

But at least (hopefully) an emcs isn't on the cards.

starshaker Thu 22-Jul-10 10:15:01

My dd starts school on the 17th and my consultant wants to take me in on the 19th which will mean she will miss a week of school.

catbus Thu 22-Jul-10 12:10:10

Yes, me; but am not starting to feel it; have felt it for what seems like for bloody ever!!

33 wks, DC4 and every day is like ploughing through a wall of tiredness, grumpiness, hysteria and being an evil cow. blush

My poor kids! The eldest is v.hormonal herself at the moment, which is like clash of the titans..

The mood swings are the worst, and I have always been crap in the heat. I have realised that I am not at all prepared and fluctuate between not caring to full on panic. This morning I threw a real wobbly as the only bloody things I had bought so far are nursing bras: spent stupid time tearing drawers apart trying to find them and crying like a twat: later remembered where I'd put them..blush

Stick that on top of the insomnia and fecking spd and feeling bleeeeeuuuugh and it's a wonderful combo am sure you will agree.
Rant over: I secretly MUST like being pg!

Kity Thu 22-Jul-10 12:24:47

me too!!!!
Am 35 weeks, sleep is now a distant memory, am permanently attached to a bottle of gaviscon, tired and sweaty all the time and generally feel like Im suffering from the worlds worst hangover/virus.
My toddler is so far behaving far better than I expected but I cannot see how I will get through the next few weeks.
So reassuring to know that across the land there are other preggers ladies with furrowed brows who are also totally p***ed off with it all

DancingOnMyBladder Thu 22-Jul-10 12:30:26

Very unamused!

Am wearing a bright pink top and skirt today and just got told i look like Mr Greedy with my bump.


Palace39 Thu 22-Jul-10 12:33:42

I also feel shite. I'm 36+2 and want it to rain, like all the time. It's very fortunate that i do not have any children as i would most definately be getting a prize for useless mum right now. I'm on track for 'useless wife' though.

I also fluctuate between feeling prepared and totally clueless!

I also am bored waiting for baby and as i have SPD i can't go far for fear of making a wrong movement and getting stuck. This has resulted in me deciding that the entire lounge needs redecorating, including replacing the fireplace and carpet, because it's 'not homely or baby friendly' enough. We last decorated 3 months ago.

My poor husband. Sofa shopping begins on sunday.

boodleboot Thu 22-Jul-10 13:31:27

ah this is the thread i belong on! 33 wks on monday and all of a sudden feel like a total lump.....can't breathe, can't get up without making wrestling noises, permanently need to be in shower as cannot bear being sticky and sweaty....BH so strong that i keep thinking this might be early labour, very emotional and tearful again....two weeks left at work before maternity leave and i just don't know how i am going to bear it.......eating a KG of ice a day and about 6 jubblies too....that and porkpies and bucketloads of now on summer hols and the thought of having to do stuff with them makes me want to awful is that, they are so pleased that i will be off for a lot of the hols and i am thinking where can i pack them off to so i can literally lay down and weep.....what a hideous mother!

I am so sick of paying out for bloody gaviscon and rennies.....hands are so swollen my fingers keep going numb....feet look like i belong in middle earth.....and yet this baby is the most longed for child after two lost babies last year so i fell so guilty for being the worlds biggest whinge....i swear my DH is scared to ask how i am feeling now......oh dear....

mummytosquidgies Thu 22-Jul-10 14:15:09

So glad I found this thread!

I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and I'm so so fed up, this is DS2 and it was never like this with DS, who was an May baby, so I've put a lot of it down to the heat (and not being able to sleep at all)

Everything aches/ hurts, I'm too hot, sweaty, tired, loads and loads of painful BH that never amount to anything, horrendous mood swings and just being a cow generally blush, no energy, can't get anything but flip flops on, everything is just so much effort, and the nausea and lack of appetite had got really boring now. SPD and sciatica aren't helping much either as I can't really get out of the house!

And then the guilt ,because this is such a wanted baby, we tried for more than 2 years for him and I feel as though I should be more grateful and not whinge. I'm having a c section on the 19th August and I keep swinging between that's so far away, to it's way too close!

legallyblond Thu 22-Jul-10 14:39:00

Oh yes. Me too! 31 weeks with my first (age 28) and suddenly seriously regretting the fact that, because everything has been so easy so far, I am not going on maternity leave until 38 weeks. Arrrgh! Was I mad?!

Plus having a seriously weepy day becasue I just failed my driving test for the second time.... really worried now as I am running out of time to pass before the baby is born.... oh, and crying again now... gah. blush

WISH I was not working and spending 45 mins each way in and out on a BOILING hot tube... and fighting off a UTI (ouch)...

Sorry for moaning... but I think this is the place to do it!

MrsCJOLG Thu 22-Jul-10 18:14:11

Can I join in? 34wks and 34yrs, 1st baby and this is not what I expected pregnancy to be like! SPD has me housebound ( for the past 7 weeks!!!), heat has got me sweaty and grumpy.Get bugger all sleep coz I'm either too hot or in too much pain. Baby keeps kicking me in the ribs and hiccuping for 20 mins at a time,often in the early hours.
Have had thrush last week and seem to be constantly swigging gaviscon.
Haven't been able to do any preparations for baby due to immobility, and now feel like I am the least prepared person ever. Live with OH and his adult son who do not seem to understand what cleaning is.
Phew that's enough for now... and breathe....before I burst into tears again and get the "I really don't get why you're crying" look from OH

surreygirl Thu 22-Jul-10 18:26:25

Here's another! I'm 32+6, aged 42 but feeling 92...

Have no pelvic floor, a chesty cough, cronic indigestion, piles, can't sleep with the heat. Also have breathlessness, SPD, numb thigh, numb hands, odd bit of sciatica and baby is breech and back to back. Have had the mood swings too and have yelled a lot especially at DH. And I have a 2.5 year old very active DS. Thank God for CBeebies, Galaxy chocolate, cold drinks, crashing out in front of the telly at night and RL mum friends...

(I am normally a very cheerful person btw) grin

boodleboot Sat 24-Jul-10 07:00:42

anyone else's BH really intense? this is my 3rd preg and my goodness they are getting really uncomfortable....DH and i have decided that today is the day to set up all the nursery furniture and get the bits i will need for my hosp bag just in case!! surreygirl i too have a numb thigh....isnt it horrible!!!

i have passed back into the stage where dh smells again too...he doesnt im sure but to me he is stinky and vile and he is less tham impressed wiv my distaste for him being back!! poor dh, he is trying to be patient but im just so irrational at the mo...i have piles, only mildly really but instead of hurting they constantly itch which is adding another demented layer to my general crossness....oh and my feet have no spread out to be wider than my havaiana flip flops....and they are mens size anyways.....urgh....3rd trimester is haaaaard woooooork.

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