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Why am I getting so bloody fat!!!!??

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colditz Sun 21-Aug-05 15:10:22

i am 9 weeks pregnant at most, yet I seem to have put so much weight on I can barely do my coat up!. It seems strictly confined to the tummy area, but it is reall upsetting me. I didn't put this much weight on with ds until I was 6 months pg!

What can I do? Can I go on a gentle diet or what? I am 4 stone overweight to start with, it will really affect my health badly if I gain a lot of weight with this pregnancy.

nutcracker Sun 21-Aug-05 15:13:35

I was like that with Ds, found it impossible to hide at 9 weeks.

I think though that it pretty much evened itself out and I didn't end up putting on anymore weight than with the others.

Tabs Sun 21-Aug-05 15:34:35

Hi Colditz. Are you sure that you've actually put on weight, and that it's not just your body changing shape? I believe that the showing does all happen much quicker in second or later pregnancies.

If it is true weight gain, and you really want to diet, then Slimming World is ok to follow - it's been approved by Royal College of Midwives or something like that. I intend to try and keep it up all the way through my pregnancy, and my doc and m/w have confirmed that this is fine. There's a SW thread on here that you can join us on if you do want to give it a go, but you really need a class to help you grasp the principles too.

champs Sun 21-Aug-05 15:46:06

hiya!! being overweight to begin with I too am worried about putting on weight during pg.
I showed earlier this time around too, think with each pg you show quicker as womb/tummy has already stretched before.

Dieting during pg isn't a good idea, i secretly dieted with ds2 and he is very small and I often blame my diet for that although he may have been small anyway.
As Tabs mentioned, Slimming World is recognised by m/w to be ok during pg somw also allow for WW although WW themselves don't recomend it, I think because these are healthy eating plans and not faddy diets.

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