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Its a boy :)

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meryem Sat 20-Aug-05 12:33:02

Hi Everyone
I just had my 20 weeks scan yesterday and been confirmed I am having a boy. I am very surprised as I was convinced I was having a girl. I am glad I didnt buy any pink clothes. So Blue for me now. Love
19 weeks

spacecadet Sat 20-Aug-05 12:33:43

CONGRATS, thought of any names yet?

misdee Sat 20-Aug-05 12:35:34

oh wow!! congratulations. mid season sale for boys clothes lol!!

hunkermunker Sat 20-Aug-05 12:36:23

Congratulations! Boys are fab

meryem Sat 20-Aug-05 12:39:09

We are going to call him Ryan Cole

Gobbledigook Sat 20-Aug-05 12:48:27

Congratulations - boys are indeed fab - I've got 3!!

Maddison Sat 20-Aug-05 13:36:22

Yep, I agree with the others, boys are cool (I have 2)

Aragon Sat 20-Aug-05 14:11:21

Congrats meryem, I found out at my 20 week scan I was having a boy too. He's 2.5 now and every bit as lovely as I knew he'd be.

Just a tip - don't buy too much blue (or at leasr don't remove from the pack) in the unlikely event they've got it wrong you can then return stuff.

I remember once helping a Mum give birth (I used to be a midwife) and the baby girl they were expecting turned out to be a nearly 10lb boy. .

Thankfully they don't usually get it wrong.

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