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Anyone else smell weird things ...!?

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Kiki84 Thu 15-Jul-10 13:55:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anyabanya Thu 15-Jul-10 13:59:05

Hmmmm. I always smelled cat pee in the house, which everyone said was my imagination.

Ibizadreams Thu 15-Jul-10 14:03:49

Yes. My sink smells like mouldy potatoes - even when I am cleaning it. I also get the cat pee thing. My house smells DELICIOUS.

LucyT66 Thu 15-Jul-10 14:05:22

Yes, I had this for a few days around the 14-week mark. It was repulsive. It was a smell (and disgusting taste in my mouth) of dirty dish-clothes.

trashingthecamp Thu 15-Jul-10 14:19:43

I think something does happen to smell during pregnancy - I lost my sense of smell when pregnant and 2 years later its still not briliant (I can smell citrus for eg but couldnt tell you which fruit, or floral without knowing which flower....) GP says to just wait and see....!

angels1 Thu 15-Jul-10 15:17:39

I had a glass of water this morning and it smelt of furniture polish??!! I have no idea either!!

miamix Thu 15-Jul-10 15:44:52

At one point everything smelled like popcorn to me, and made me crave it...

giddywithglee Thu 15-Jul-10 15:51:49

Yes, between about 8 and 14 weeks I kept smelling all sorts of odd things that didn't really exist. I kept wandering around the house sniffing to see if one of the cats had weed somewhere and my DH thought I was a bit crackers. It seems to have passed now though (am 18+4)!

nagoo Thu 15-Jul-10 15:52:18

I got the popcorn thing too... odd one that.

MissCKitty Thu 15-Jul-10 21:47:09

I had a few weeks early on (am 11+4) of being able to smell roast lamb all the time!! confused

Pavlov Thu 15-Jul-10 21:52:14

slightly rotting food. I spent a long time cleaning and re-cleaning the house, moving out the sofa, checking under floorboards, had my head on the carpet trying to find it. Everyone else said they could not smell it, but i thought they were just trying to humour me. It was everywhere.

I also smelled cat pee. That was awful, it seemed to follow me, so i sometimes thought it was also on my clothes, I got cross with the cats for weeing on my clothes, I would be out at a friends and have to come home to my cat pee smelling, rotting food smelling house as my jumper appeared to have been weed on. Again, friends thought 'nutter'.

I put it down to one of the symptoms of HG which I had severely. I could not smell garlic without being physically sick, ditto cigerette smoke, wine, anything fatty, but mostly garlic.

Pavlov Thu 15-Jul-10 21:54:40

oh and the smell i loved? Dettol. As it got rid of the cat pee and rotting food smell, or masked it. <sigh> i recall the wonderful smell of the kitchen after I had cleaned the sides, then the cupboard doors, tiles, fridge, washing washing, doors, floor, table, chair and legs...move on to the bathroom...grin i would go a bit mad and DH would refuse to cook because he could not bear the smell of our dettolled house...it was, looking back, quite embarrassing, even if everything was very clean. It was a very clean smell, that was why i liked it.

Pavlov Thu 15-Jul-10 21:56:46

lucy yes, dirty dishclothes, or that smell of dirty dishclothes that have been left in dirty water overnight <boak> that is what I smelled.

Smelled, smelt? neither looks right.

Valpollicella Thu 15-Jul-10 22:03:25

Oh, nothing unusual. While PG I commuted. I could practically smell what each other person standing next to me had had for dinner the night before...and not in a 'Oh, they smell of garlic' kind of way <vom>

I could have been lent out to the police to track scents while PG it was that bad, trust me

Pavlov...Agreed re Dettol...oh the lovely clean disinfectant smell of it..mmmm

parkj83 Thu 15-Jul-10 22:18:35

My killer was (and still is to some extent) fabric conditioner - smelt like poo! The sweeter it is, the worse it is hmm

Even now (30+5), I open the airing cupboard, and I have to work hard not to gag, although I know everything hanging in there is clean!

And DH was most distressed, as we'd not long installed a huge wardrobe, and one morning I took a dislike to the smell of it. Normally I love the woody smell of new furniture (IKEA!) but for some reason, nope, it wasn't doing anything for me confused

I'm quietly dreading the day he puts together DC2's cot... I hope it smells ok!

Daft thing is, he repainted an old chest of drawers, and I love the smell of the paint, 2.5 weeks on, and it still smells freshly painted.

jjkm Thu 15-Jul-10 22:21:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DancingLady Fri 16-Jul-10 05:22:28

I remember having to move seats on the bus as the person in front of me had horrible smell of greasy hair... or smelling people's colds. Once had to quickly move from the veg section in Sainsbury's - green beans smelled like willies and nearly made me gag... All around weeks 12-16 I think.

Kiki84 Fri 16-Jul-10 09:55:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Feliena Fri 16-Jul-10 18:18:39

i threw up at the smell of anything metal - like a knife or fork - eventho ive had the cutlery years and its never smelt b4!!! and now if i drink tap water it sometimes tastes of metal!!

parkj83 Fri 16-Jul-10 21:19:49

oh I get that sometimes feliena, both with the metal smell, and the water taste.

There are certain forks and spoons I have in my cutlery drawer I cannot stand to use hmm

guernseygirl Mon 19-Jul-10 15:46:13

Glad I found this thread...I've been smelling cat pee for months now and my husband thinks I'm going mad!

He very patiently keeps mopping the same spot over and over again with flash every day as I can't go near it.

Maybe our sense of smell is our superhero skill whilst pregant?

Also, sadly, am now attuned to my boss's flatulence problem after eating his daily prawn mayo sandwich - now that just makes me heave!

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