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Amniotic bands

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gingernut Mon 21-Jul-03 11:07:42

A friend of mine who is 21 weeks pg has just been told she has amniotic bands. According to some information I've found on the net, these are fragments of membrane in the amniotic sac and apparently they can cause problems for the developing foetus. As the baby develops, its extremeties may become entangled resulting in immobilisation, trapping, constriction or even amputation, although this is the `worst case scenario' (sometimes the bands just break naturally and there are no problems).

Has anyone here experienced this? And can anyone recommend a specialist with experience of this type of problem?


Firstbump Mon 21-Jul-03 12:08:53

Firstly reassure your friend that they are seen on scan commonly. These usually do not need any follow up if the fetal limbs/parts are clear of this at 21 weeks. Some departments may well arrange a later scan but as the baby grows it becomes more difficult to see the imbs. She could be referred to a Fetal Medicine unit as they will explain everything more clearly. But basically they are nothing to worry about and she should forget about them!

gingernut Tue 22-Jul-03 18:58:43

Thanks Firstbump

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