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Oedema - any advice or knowledge?

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novadandypowder Fri 19-Aug-05 09:46:15

Over the last couple of days my feet and hands have swollen up quite badly - my hands feel particularly bad - and in my Miriam Stoppard book it says that this can be a sign of oedema. It doesn't give any other information about it though so i wondered if you ladies had any words of wisdom for me?

luvlymum Fri 19-Aug-05 09:52:06

Maybe you should get your blood pressure checked as it can be a sign of high blood pressure (pre eclampsia) maybe just ring your mw for peace of mind hth

expatinscotland Fri 19-Aug-05 09:56:02

Get your BP checked. Drink LOTS of water - and I'm talking 3ltr a day or so. Get those feet UP!

I had pregnancy induced hypertension - but no protein in the urine. I was also prescriped compression tights, which worked well, and signed off work.

Flossam Fri 19-Aug-05 10:01:04

The stockings help I think although I didn't think of this at the time! Was so hot and sweaty all the time though I don't know that it would have helped in the grand scheme of things. Legs up, arms resting on cushions. Massage can also help if you have the time and the patience. Agree about checking BP. HTH, it is miserable.

iris66 Fri 19-Aug-05 10:02:42

novadandypowder - poor you - that is so uncomfortable (remember it well from last time!!)See if you can get someone to massage your hands and feet gently from tips of fingers/toes to over the wrist/ankle to help push the fluid back. rotating your ankles whilst they're up should also help Agree that you should also check with MW if it's been going for a few days or really bad.

novadandypowder Fri 19-Aug-05 12:10:29

Thanks everyone. I had a midwife appt. last friday and she said my blood pressure was slightly lower than normal, and that everything else (bloods/urine) was fine. I'm back there again next friday so I'll bring it up then. It's just that my hands are feeling quite stiff from being swollen, and they get pins and needles if i stay still for too long. I spend a lot of time resting with my feet up so I don't think it's to do with overwork! Sadly DH has gone away for a week so I don't have anyone around to massage my hands and feet.

iris66 Fri 19-Aug-05 12:28:19

so glad you are ok on the bp front! Have you thought of Reflexology (they do hands as well as feet but many will not treat unless you're over 24 weeks and not high risk). The Association of Reflexologists website has a list of qualified practitioners.

Elf1981 Fri 19-Aug-05 12:51:56

It may sound odd but one of my pregnancy books (think it was "How to make a pregnant woman happy") says that for oedema, swimming and warm baths can help, as well as drinking loads of water. I must admit that when my feet swell up, I do find a warm bath helps, plus my DH squeezing my feet afterwards.

The book also suggests taking an magnesium suppliment.

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