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fear of potty?

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CliffBarnsby Wed 02-Jun-10 22:36:26

Disclaimer: I am NOT making her sit on the potty or pushing her to do so. smile

DD1 is 2 yr 3 mo - I can let her run around naked and when she has to go pee she will ask for a diaper. Once or twice she has announced she is pee-ing while squatting but that is happening less and less and she is more and more asking for a diaper. She has once or twice said she had to go poo about 30 seconds before she went poo and knows me and DP go in the potty. I am not sure how she is at night as she wakes up at about 2 am still - so sometimes she is dry and others not.

Now I am not bothered about her being trained tomorrow or anything - I am more concerned about her terror of the potty. If I ask her if she wants to sit on the potty 99% of the time she will shake her head, start yelling ''no'', crying and run away. confused I don't know why such a dramatic reaction? Have never made her 'go' on potty or indeed forced her to sit there or anything? How do I help her get over this fear?

I have tried dropping it for a little while [a month or so], have tried asking if she'd like to sit with me while I go pee etc, but it all ends in tears. I actually haven't even mentioned it in about 2 weeks but I can guarantee the reaction.

I thought when they know when they are going to 'go' and can let you know they are ready? She has never went in the potty so can't see it is the fear everyone keeps mentioning to me about discarding something from her body? She throws her diapers out for me sometimes, anyway.

katiepotatie Wed 02-Jun-10 22:50:49

Our dd is 3 and would not go on the potty or toilet, and screams blue murder if we suggested it. If she's got her nappy off she will demand one on if she needs to poo. Recently we've started asking her to sit on it before she goes in the bath which she does, but as soon as she feels she needs to pee or poo she jumps off....We've deceided to back off again, HV says she will do it when she's good and ready, but it is very frustrating confused

Builde Thu 03-Jun-10 10:11:30

We are in same situtation as you Katiepotatie, with an almost 3 year old!

Having removed nappies completely for a week, we're now being more flexible and allowing dd to ask for a nappy back on when she needs a wee.

BexMogsie Tue 08-Jun-10 20:41:54

Have just come across this myself today! My 2 and a half year old is definately ready to be potty trained as he has very good control..... today he didn't wee nearly all day as it was his first day in pants and he would NOT do a wee or poo on the potty... he would sit there for a bit but not do anything and said he didn't like it. He can control it though as he didn't have any accidents but I am very worried as he didn't wee or poo all day..... really don't know what to do... any help!?

mintyfresh Sat 12-Jun-10 21:36:57

Can I join this thread too please!! I also have a just turned 3 yr old who is petrified of doing anything in the potty. I've been trying again all afternoon but she is just holding it all in until I give up and put her nappy back on cos she is so uncomfortable. I also think she must have some control as she is point blank refusing to do anything until she has a nappy back on.

I've tried sitting next to her on potty reading stories so she'll sit and relax a bit more and lots of bribery but we are getting nowhere. This is our third attempt in about 6 months arghhh!

kitkatbal Thu 16-Jun-11 21:20:58

Would appreciate if any of you have any tips on how you tackled this - I've recently encountered the same issue so have reverted to pull-ups as DD1 was getting stressed out by it. Have decided to not mention pants or potties for a couple of weeks. Not sure when to attempt again??

johnworf Thu 30-Jun-11 18:09:16

Oh thank goodness I'm not alone with a 3+ child who is petrified of the potty. Even the mere mention of it starts her off crying. I know she can control herself as she's had knickers on all afternoon but she'll hold it in until I put a nappy back on.

I hope someone comes along and gives some brilliant advice on how to conquer this fear otherwise I'll just have to leave it longer and try her again in another month. sad

johnworf Thu 30-Jun-11 18:09:48


PigeonPair Fri 01-Jul-11 16:55:23

So glad I found this thread! DD is 3 tomorrow and gets so upset when I suggest she sits on the potty or big loo! Like all your little ones, she can control her wees completely - no accidents when wearing pants - but then I worry about her getting an infection from holding it in! Hopefully someone will give some advice. I know she can do it, it's obviously some sort of fear :-( I took her to the Docs who just said to leave it and not mention it. That's all very well but she needs to be trained by the time she starts her new Nursery in September!

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