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are there any kind sould around who could email me a copy of Poo Goes to Pooland please?

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MarthaFarquhar Fri 05-Feb-10 17:34:26

Message withdrawn

MarthaFarquhar Fri 05-Feb-10 20:56:54

soul, even

nowwearefour Fri 05-Feb-10 20:58:39

I dont know if i still have it but i will look for it for you. It worked for my dd1.

MarthaFarquhar Fri 05-Feb-10 21:00:20

thank-you so much for having a look!

nowwearefour Fri 05-Feb-10 21:01:02

done it

RockbirdandHerSpork Fri 05-Feb-10 21:02:56

Ooh me too please if you don't mind. sarah jct at gmail dot com

<don't ask don't get>

WrigsAndJiggs Fri 05-Feb-10 21:07:08

Have emailed you.

MarthaFarquhar Fri 05-Feb-10 21:09:50

Thanks to both of you who emailed me - much appreciated.

If anyone else would like it, please let me know and I'll forward it on.

RockbirdandHerSpork Fri 05-Feb-10 21:12:00

Thank you

Eglu Fri 05-Feb-10 21:19:03

I would love this please

andimclachlan at hotmail dot co dot uk

potatofactory Fri 05-Feb-10 21:24:35

Ooh and me please?

I'm starting next week - have stocked up on peppa pig pants grin

MarthaFarquhar Fri 05-Feb-10 21:25:45

have mailed you both

Eglu Fri 05-Feb-10 21:26:37

That was quick, thank you! grin

potatofactory Fri 05-Feb-10 21:28:03

Thank you! Thank you!

WankyBuntingCupcake Fri 05-Feb-10 21:33:14

Oh, I don't know what this is, but if it's to do with potty training, I would really appreciate any help. Thankyou.

Please excuse name, I should really change it back..

MarthaFarquhar Fri 05-Feb-10 21:54:18

couple more done - check your inboxes smile

fabhead Fri 05-Feb-10 22:00:00

me too please am begging (wiped up a lot of poo today) matback3 googlemailcom

Montifer Fri 05-Feb-10 22:05:23

Many thanks Martha smile

WankyBuntingCupcake Fri 05-Feb-10 22:05:28

Brilliant, Thankyou!

mum2oneloudbaby Wed 10-Feb-10 21:15:40

could you send a copy over here please i don't think the dora pants can take much more poo! yvonne at richandyvonne dot karoo dot co dot uk it would be much appreciated

Quintessential12belowZero Wed 10-Feb-10 21:20:45

Is this story going to stigmatise kids about people from Poland?

josette Wed 10-Feb-10 21:31:48

Never heard of it, but if it is any help with potty training, pleeeease can i have a copy too?
Thank you

sabi10 Thu 11-Feb-10 08:07:34

me too please. thanks so much.

StealthPolarBear Thu 11-Feb-10 08:13:52

ooh me too please, if anyone can be bothered, have been wanting this for a while. Kate Fallon 44 @ hot mail dot com

MrsKitty Thu 11-Feb-10 09:06:41

Someone did me a favour & emailed this to me so I'm passing on the Poo! Have emailed all posters from mum2oneloudbaby to Stealth If anyone else on thread still needs a copy let me know smile

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