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DS2 peeing on floor at home all the time!

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carocaro Tue 10-Nov-09 16:37:49

Arrgh, the playroom smells like piss! It is the only room that has a carpet in downstairs and DS1 nearly 3 just pisses his pants all the time in it!


He does and can use the loo her at home and a pre-school. We have left him is his wet trousers and pants; he's not bothered. We have left him cold and bottomless; not bothered. Done sticker charts; not bothered.

Any other ideas? I am sick of standing in piss in my socks and so is DH and DS1 aged 7, who has given his little brother many a masterclass in the art of having a wee and poo!

mamaloco Wed 11-Nov-09 09:25:31

A freind told me to get them to clean the mess and change their clothes by themself, no help (unless needed for safety reason). It worked for a few people I know who tried. If it fails you might have to punish him, as he clearly disrespect you for doing it only at home. Remember accident happens at that age, and older, when they are too excited, make him pee before playing and don't leave hime too long without taking him to the toilets.
I found that oxigenated cleaning spray (for stains on clothes) can't remember the name (is it vanish plus...? Oxy action? the oxigen is the important bit here) got rid of the smell. spray a bit on carpet and rub with clean cloth then watery cloth and pat dry.

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