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No poo in toilet

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julius Mon 09-Nov-09 21:07:04

Our dd (almost 3)has been toilet trained for 7 months and wees fine in the toilet. She used to poo half in toilet and half in pants but now all her poos are in her pants. She isn't scared of pooing in the toilet so we aren't sure why this is happening every day now (sometimes twice a day!) We have discussed it with her and she knows and regularly says that poos belong in toilets and not pants. We have tried going back to the star chart and rewards which we did when we started toilet training but it has not helped. Any advice/tips on why this is happening/how to overcome this problem would be gratefully received!

kcartyparty Tue 10-Nov-09 00:29:31

The biggest problem parents have when tt is pooing in the toilet, you only have to look on the other threads on Mn.

You have tried the reward chart and it is no longer working.

Then maybe it is time for some tough love.

Take away her precious items/toys. Tell her each time she soils herself you will take her doll away. If she wants it back she will have to do poo in the toilet.

You may end up taking 3 or 4 toys away before she realises you are very serious about this.

When she does a poo, let her choose one of her toys back. Let her know she can WIN the other items back each time she does a poo in the loo. When all the toys are given back, you should have cracked it.

Hold firm and be consistent. You will win in the end.

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