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DD potty trained at nursery but refuses to use potty at home

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RamblingRosa Thu 05-Nov-09 09:39:43

That's it really.

DD's just turned 2. We tried potty training while on holiday in Sept but after a week of lots of accidents, DD not using the potty once, and DD starting to get really anxious and upset about it all, we gave up.

She then moved up to a new room at nursery with 2-3 yr olds where the staff started potty training her without asking us first hmm. We were a bit upset because it was only a few weeks after we'd tried on holiday and we had seen how upset DD had got about it all. Didn't like to think of her getting upset at nursery. And we felt nursery staff should have checked with us first. Anyway, we asked them to leave it. They carried on shock hmm. And now we're in a situation where she is pretty much entirely potty trained at nursery but still refuses to use potty at home.

She's only ever weed in her potty once at home (last weekend). She either has accidents at home if we put her in knickers or she cries and gets upset and demands a nappy until I give in and put one on her.

Why is she happy to do it at nursery and not at home? Am I making things worse by letting her wear a nappy at home?

Really don't know what to do TBH. Any ideas?

paranormalghostygoat Thu 05-Nov-09 12:25:49

I would suggest and you obviously don't have to do it.

Either choose nappies or not at home. Don't mix your messages with the nappies. If your house is warm enough leave her with her bottom naked and a potty or two around where she is. Just ignore any fuss she makes and if she has an accident then calmly clear it up and get back on with what you are doing.

Perhaps speak to Nursery about how they did it to. Perhaps at Nursery she was asking to use the toilet as the other children do and they had a lot of fuss from her if they didn't. Peer pressure is a big thing.

My DD use to have accidents at home because she didn't want to be bothered to stop what she was doing and go to the toilet. We also set her a home routine so that she knew when she was going to have to go.

So on getting up in morning, after breakfast, mid morning, lunchtime, mid afternoon, tea time and bedtime.

Good luck it's never easy. My aunt had this problem with my cousin as she would only be potty trained at nursery, but she was using as a way to still be a baby at home I think.

Rosebud05 Thu 05-Nov-09 22:00:01

My dd who is a few months older is pretty much the same. She's quite up front that she wants to wear nappies at home like her little brother, and uses the loo at nursery because her friends do. I can't think what else to do other than sit it out and offer [bribes] words of encouragement. I know the advice is usually 'be consistent' but at just turned 2 your dd is very young and I would be tempted to just go with it for the time being.

RamblingRosa Fri 06-Nov-09 21:08:36

Thanks Nice to know I'm not alone.

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