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Should I give up and put her in training pants??

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cyphercat Mon 02-Nov-09 21:01:32

DD is 2 years and 4 months. We started potty training her as she showed signs of wanting to use potty. After her 2nd birthday, we let her run naked in the house, and she seemed to get the hang of it and would go run to do a peepee and poopoo on the potty and wear nappies to bed. Two months ago as the weather got colder, we started putting trousers on her and it all just went downhill from there. She started by just soiling her trousers and NOT going to potty. So I decided that maybe treats would work. She would get treats and praises whenever she went to use potty or the toilet. And now she seems to have gotten bored of the treats and started wetting her trousers AND refusing to take them off to be washed with full on tantrum!!

DH and I have had enough of reminding, constant wet trousers, and mainly the power struggle and wanted her to go back to nappies whole of this week but she absolutely refuses to wear nappies as she isn't a 'baby' and she is a 'big girl'. And says nappies are for bed only (and then goes into another tantrum throwing nappies in the bin, followed by sitting on a potty to do a peepee..???).

I'm almost decided that I will talk to her tomorrow that pullups are big girl's pants so that she wears them so I don't have to have anymore power struggles with her as I feel potty training is dominating our daily life with her. (it's got to a point DH or I look at her funny, and she will say 'no I'm not doing a peepee')

Any word of advice and suggestions will be appreciated. I feel I am in a potty hell.

kcartyparty Mon 02-Nov-09 23:18:31

Don't give up pt. Your daughter is telling you she is ready.

It's the getting the clothes off in time that's the hard bit.

Put her in a skirt for a while and not trousers. She can always put trousers on whilst outside.

I know you tried sweeties, but have you tried a reward chart?

No sweets though as these can cause hyper activeness.

So how about, if you stay clean we put a star on your chart....
3 stars ... a friend can come and play

5 stars ... baking with mum or dad

7 stars ... a day out swimming/park/soft play etc

After one month of this you should be ok, but for the next year you will have the odd accident. But don't reprimand her just go with the flow.

Best of luck

Poohbearsmom Mon 02-Nov-09 23:34:34

Stay strong! Its very tough when they hav a 'relapse' my ds1 was fully potty trained by his 2nd bday, i never did the let em run around naked on da bottom bit, i told him the day he stopped wearin nappies he was gettin big boy shorts like his papa and he was delighted wit himself,he mostly wore them on their own or wit shorts and it went gr8. But 6 months l8r he went away wit dh for almost two wks visitin family and when he came home refused and i mean screamed da house down refused to go near the potty (and he'd had it wit him on hols so its not dat he'd bn away from it or anythin) i had to start from scratch again, wit mountains of laundry, which im sure ur havin at da mo too... How we got thru it was lettin him use the 'big' toilet we made it a big deal again wit clappin and cheerin for him on the toilet and it worked he retrained and only the odd normal accident, tg best of luck

cyphercat Tue 03-Nov-09 10:25:46

oh dear... oops I put nappies on her this morning secretively and talking in singsong gentlest voice possible (which worked!!) and she's being babysat this morning as I'm working. We'll see how that went. I'm hoping that she might one day say, I go myself to toilet. (she is getting rather lardy now as she gets treats for every peepee and I don't want to encourage anything with food to be honest). I tried reward charts she tore it from the wall shouting 'I don't like it!!' and threw in the bin. I feel like putting her in dustbin sometimes....I do love her to bits at the same time. Gosh this parenting business is hard especially with a dog stubborn strong willed child.

MmeGuisingt Tue 03-Nov-09 10:31:09

I would stop rewarding her with sweeties.

Sometimes it is ok to go back to nappies if potty training is not working. I did this for a while with DS and it took the pressure off us all until he was really ready for it.

Don't call them big girl pants though, call them pull ups.

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