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guyshahar Mon 02-Nov-09 10:50:10

Hi there

Our DS (aged 10 weeks) has poo right up to the back of his neck quite often when we change his nappy. It happens with both Tesco and Pampers nappies, and we have tried different sizes to make sure this is not the problem.

It has happened over the past 2-3 weeks - before that there was no problem, and we are sure that we are putting the nappies on correctly.

Does anyone else have this experience or know what might be going on?


kcartyparty Mon 02-Nov-09 23:11:08

You may putting the nappy on ok, but make sure it is tight enough around the waist.

If its too loose poo will go up his back!

Also check you got the right size.

If all this does not help try another brand.

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