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Potty train now or not?

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thaliablogs Mon 26-Oct-09 11:22:53

DD is 2.1. She has been very interested in the potty for ages now, sits on it before and after the bath and usually does a wee both times. Yesterday the pants I'd ordered for her arrived, so I showed them to her and she wanted to put them on right away. So we put them on and she spent the next hour putting them on, demanding they come off again, sitting on the potty, doing a wee, putting on the pants again, taking them off and doing another wee, etc. All together she did 5 wees in an hour, including one on the spare bed when she got distracted after asking to sit on the potty again. As yet no poos on the potty.

It seems to me she is peeing very often, partly because she drinks so much water, but perhaps also because she doesn't have bladder control yet? As it stands we'd be putting her on the potty every 5 minutes, which seems a bit much for all of us - or would it naturally lenghthen? But she's clearly interested and was very disappointed when I told her this morning the new pants were in the wash, demanding to go to the washing machine and go and find them! So she's definitely willing.

Any advice much appreciated.

JiminyCricket Mon 26-Oct-09 12:02:37

My dd went about twelve times the first morning of potty training..think it was all the praise and excitement. She sounds ready, but are you? Cods old potty training boot camp threads on the archive are useful

ches Tue 27-Oct-09 23:56:00

I think she's peeing so much because of the novelty value.

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