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Am going to give potty training a go tomorrow...

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HouseHunting Fri 23-Oct-09 22:09:44

My DS is 2.5 months old & we are going to start potty training tomorrow & see how he goes. He has had a potty for a while but tbh he doesn't look very comfortable when sat on it, it looks a bit small too.
Today I was in M'care & spent £45 on a pack of 7 briefs, a pack of 2 potty training pants, a toilet seat & a kids potty training book for boys which we can read together when he is sat on the toilet.
I have had a read of a few of the posts & I have read that you may need 12 training pants - cripes, that would cost me £60 as a packj of 2 costs £10. But I guess it will be cheaper in the logn run when he is out of nappies completely.
I am wondering whether to use pull ups as a cheaper option (is it?)?
I am feeling rather aprehensice about tomorrow hmm

feedthegoat Fri 23-Oct-09 22:16:50

The training pants are a bit of a waste of money imo anyway so I wouldn't worry about only having 2 pairs!

I did get some for ds but they obviously don't hold wee like a nappy and ds did a lot of wee grin so it was all over the floor anyway!

I sort of agree with the advice you see time and time again that they are best just in pants if really ready for potty training if not wait a while. Thats not to say there isn't usually a lot of accidents along the way! I found it got better after a week but the first few days weren't great!

Good luck with tommorrow smile

HouseHunting Fri 23-Oct-09 22:28:52

Thanks - I will just put him in his ITNG pants tomorrow whilst at home & keep taking him to the toilet. We do need to pop out for a couple of hours in the afternoon though so I will just use the training pants then. What should I do about nap time - put him in a normal nappy?

feedthegoat Fri 23-Oct-09 22:34:41

Ds had already dropped his nap by the time I potty trained but I would definately have put him in one to sleep. He is a year on from being dry in the day and is still not night trained.

The training pants stop little accidents just not the full potty ones my ds was so fond of wink.

Honestly though, the thought of going out is much worse than the reality. I just used to take trousers out with me and just changed him quickly. I didn't do the endless days at home thing. We just made regular toilet stops.

mejon Fri 23-Oct-09 23:19:39

I only had 3 pairs of training pants for DD and they are/were enough as I only used them when we were out and about and needed a little extra protection. I'd reccomend getting more pants though - cheap supermarket ones will be fine. DD went through at least 9 pairs on her first day (thankfully though being so small they dry quickly)!

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