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Help! This is very frustrating

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custard1 Thu 22-Oct-09 15:02:11


I started potty training last week as my dd showed all signs of wnating to use potty and had done a poo on potty at nursery week before. Started last wed and went really well with poos and wees on potty. Then on Friday she was ill, so I had to stop for 3 days. I started again on Monday (a nursery day) and she had a few wees on potty. tues at nursery nothing on potty and lots of accidents. She has now had 2 days with me at home and has not wanted to sit on her potty, tells me when she wants to wee but then refuses to sit on potty or sits and stands up and 2 mins later wees in her pants. She has also not been for a poo for 3 days and does not appear to want to sit on for this.

Any tips. I feel like I have gone backwards from last week

Poohbearsmom Fri 23-Oct-09 00:41:51

Hi! Could u try puttin her on the toilet mayb, using a seat attachment if u hav one, tell her she is a big grown up baby girl now and can use the grown up toilet! I had a somewhat similar meltdown wit my ds1 he came home from holidays and refused point blank to go near the potty and he had bn fully trained only havin occasional accidents at this stage, but it went back to full time wettin himself and not wantin to go near the potty so i started him on the toilet and he has usually used it since only goin back on da potty as a game really... It saves havin to wash it anyways i hope that helps somewhat... Best of luck

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