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What should dd wear for daytime nap?

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custard1 Wed 21-Oct-09 14:31:43

Just started potty training 23mth old dd. She is either in pants or naked all day when at home, but don't know what she should wear for her nap. Have been putting her in pull ups as do not have anything protective for mattress if she has an accident? Should i be leaving her in pants?

Any recommendations for matress protectors if she should be in pants and not pull ups?

MissWooWoo Wed 21-Oct-09 16:14:31

I stuck with pants and just put a big bath towel under her (folded over lots of times) because sometimes she'd go to sleep on my bed and sometimes on the sofa. I also used a "nightime nappy" opened out and covered with hand towel for car and buggy in case she fell asleep there.

If she wets then just change her when she wakes like you would do if she'd wet when she was awake.

Try and get her to go for a wee before she sleeps too.

I think pull ups are confusing.

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