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Cashew Sun 18-Oct-09 20:24:09

Our little boy is 19 months.
We had no intentions of potty training him this early but...
He tells us when he wants to do a poo or is doing a poo. He stays dry for a couple of hours when he has no nappy on. And then dances around the room, holding onto his willy saying "wee wee" when he's desperate. But wont sit on the potty long enough to 'relax'....So we put a nappy back on him and he fills it immediately!
What should we do??

pinkyp Sun 18-Oct-09 21:49:43

sounds like a perfect time to potty train!! Will he sit on the toilet with a kids seat? Have u tried taking his potty to the toilet when he needs a wee and u sit on toilet and pretend to go and see if he will go on his potty?

ches Mon 19-Oct-09 03:36:29

Encourage him to use the potty or toilet. He can wee standing up (bit cold to do it outside now, though). Encourage him to blow as it'll help him relax the muscles to release a wee. Lots of books or puzzles will see out a poo.

Cashew Mon 19-Oct-09 22:52:28

Thanks pinkyp and ches....
Definitely think we might try a seat to go on the loo - make him feel like a grown up! Will get one at the weekend.
We tried blowing bubbles on the potty tonight (saw that on a different thread) but the bubbles were too exciting - he kept jumping up to catch them - Very sweet but not very productive!!
Sounds like we should take the plunge then - wet shoelace brigade here we come! (Or should I say wet velcro?!)

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