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I bought a potty home today and my son used it properly instantly, what now?

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rabbit54 Fri 16-Oct-09 19:46:52

My DS is 22 months and goes to nursery twice a week. Tonight I bought home a potty for him so he could get use to seeing it near the toilet. At the moment he does not let me know when he has poohed or weed. He knows when he has poohed, but does not let me know. But no acknowledgment of wee. So when he unwrapped the potty he instantly wanted his nappy off which has never happened before and sat on it. He was over joyed with his potty so we took it up to his bedroom and before the bath he wanted to sit on it and weed. He used the wee word for the first time. After the bath he wanted to go on it again and tried to pooh but did not need to go so eventually we coaxed him off the potty and into bed. Now this is a complete surprise to me as I was thinking of training him next May. My DS has been late to do every thing, walk, feed himself, never crawled and so I expected the same scenario. The question is - I don't know anything about potty training so do I just let him demand the potty? Since tonight its a struggle getting nappies on him which use to be a breeze so what do I do?

mamakoukla Fri 16-Oct-09 19:53:37

I'm new to potty training but this sounds promising to me! Do they put him on the potty at nursery? Could he know what it is for from there? Either way, hope he keeps the good work up and I would probably start him on potty training or at least encourage him to use it. He sounds happy to.

rabbit54 Fri 16-Oct-09 20:41:32

Thanks. I will get training pants and a second potty for downstairs tomorrow then. I wasn't sure about whether to put him in training pants but i think i will see how tomorrow goes and if good signs do it. I have just read the pages on potty training in my toddler book. It was just a bit of a shock. I will ask nursery on Monday. They have never mentioned it.

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