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Is she ready?? I need advice on this - never done it before.

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FrightNightFebes Wed 14-Oct-09 19:21:08

DD is 23 months and I wasn't going to worry about potty training till summer when she was 2.5ish. However this week she has started taking off her nappy and taking interest in the toilet, weeing and pooing. I got out the potty and she has sat on it with a bit of encouragement from me in the last few days. Still nothing in the potty but a few puddles around the lounge but she seems to understand that the wee in meant to go in the potty or toilet.
What do you think? Do I just keep letting her sit on the potty at certain times in the day? Should I try her in knickers? (I bought her some todaygrin)
What are the tricks of this thing???

belgo Wed 14-Oct-09 19:25:19

the trick is to realise that it is just another stage of development - it's nothing to worry about for the vast majority of children. Just like learning to sit, stand, walk etc.

Both of my children were potty trained before the age of two one at 19 months, the other at 23 months.

Remember the odd accident is normal - it's how the child gets to understand their bladder and muscle capacity.

FrightNightFebes Wed 14-Oct-09 19:31:49

That makes sense. I am surprised that she seems to 'get it' all of a sudden without to much input from me. But I guess that is just like with crawling or walking. So do I put her in knickers or just wait and see how she goes for the next few days. She seems to want her nappy off.

FrightNightFebes Wed 14-Oct-09 19:33:41

I'm not at all worried about accidents we have wooden floors downstairs.

BertieBotts Wed 14-Oct-09 19:44:08

Useful excerpts from the Elizabeth Pantley book here:

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 14-Oct-09 19:46:42

We are currently pt dd 2.2. She wont ear a nappy and knows to wee and poo on the potty. Have tried her in knickers and trousers but she just wees herself so we just let her free without anything on all day. Had 1 accident since we started on Friday.

FrightNightFebes Wed 14-Oct-09 20:35:20

Wow Knickers that sounds like where DD could be headed. Maybe I'll let her run free next week- she'll love that.

ches Sat 17-Oct-09 06:36:32

I wouldn't rush to knickers because it adds stress for both of you if she wets herself. I'd just let her know the potty is available and offer it throughout the day at logical times; e.g. after waking, before/after nap, before/after going out -- the kind of habits you want your potty trained child to have.

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