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Recommendations for toilet trainer seat?

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Gonkster Mon 12-Oct-09 15:53:12

I got a baby bjorn potty for potty training which I'm starting soon (ARGH!) but my daughter (22mths) always wants to sit on the loo when I've been so I think I'm going to try training her on the loo as well as the potty.

Can anyone recommend a good, solid, non-slippy and comfortable trainer seat please? I've got a normal loo seat so most should fit I'd guess.

Please help. Thanks

WeeTiger Tue 20-Oct-09 15:56:05

Hi Gonkster,

I use the potette plus for my son. The great thing about it is that it folds flat so you can take it out and about with you for toilets on the go. Additionally, it also works as a potty with disposable liners. &sr=8-3

It comes in pink and purple or green and blue.

Hope this helps!

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