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DD is potty training at the minute but has horrible red weals on her thighs from the potty. Any ideas?

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LatinDAISYcal Sat 03-Oct-09 21:45:07

title says it all.

We have been potty training this week and she has taken to it quite well. After a few days of accidents and wet pants, today has been brilliant with her taking herself off to the potty on her own, and when she was in a nappy for a 45min walk told DH when she was having a wee. We even got poo in there for the first time this week.

However, I noticed when I was getting her ready for bed that she has a horrible rim on her thighs where she has been sitting on the potty that is red raw and raised. she has very sensitive skin and has had eczema rash on her bottom since she was about 16 weeks old meaning we had to give up on cloth nappies.

Could she be allergic to the plastic? Or the knicker elastic (I have this). Although if ti was the knicker elastic would it not be sore on the front of her legs as well.

We thought that potty training would bring some respite from the sore red and itchy bottom, but it would appear not sad

girlywhirly Tue 06-Oct-09 13:52:17

What do you clean the potty with? Residues of cleaning solutions may be the cause, use only water and wipe dry with loo tissue. You could drape a muslin around the rim so that her skin doesn't touch it, easily washed if soiled. Don't let her sit on the potty for a long time, only for as long as necessary to use it. If she sits for a long time the skin in contact with the potty may become sweaty and irritated, so you may need to monitor her when she goes on her own.

LatinDAISYcal Sat 10-Oct-09 19:40:26

oooh, missed this. Things much better as she is getting better at it and not spending as long sitting. In fact the last few days she has been insistent on using the big toilet and her skin has almost cleared up. I was using anti bac spray on it, but have since been using water and drying with loo paper as well.

thanks smile

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