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This 'Being Ready' Thing.......

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Rosebud05 Wed 30-Sep-09 22:23:43

My dd is 2.6 and used her potty/the toilet for wees in a casual way from being about 2. I didn't push it as I knew her little brother was on the way and she wasn't mad keen to get out of nappies. She now knows when she need to do a wee (and can hold on for ages) but seems to find it difficult to 'let go' on the potty/toilet. She's (obviously) had a couple of accidents which seem to have knocked her confidence, though has used the loo a few times at nursery. Is the 'being ready' bit the 'letting go' or her deciding to go for it or a bit of both? I don't want to push her, but I'm also not sure what we're waiting for iysyim.

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