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So bored of this now!

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NellyTheElephant Wed 30-Sep-09 13:30:38

A brief history..... DD2 potty trained v easily and quickly at 23 months and I then had a couple of blissful nappy / accident free months until she got a stomach bug and a week of non stop diarrhea after which she refused to poo in the loo and we had a few weeks of pooey pants until she recovered from the relapse. No wee issues though. Another couple of accident free months followed then I had DS. I was expecting another relapse when he was born and thought I'd got away with it, but then about 2 months after he was born we had another 3 week spate of poos in the pants (again, no wee accidents). Clearly an attention issue. Eventually I put her back in nappies for 2 days. She was so angry about this that she categorically refused a nappy anywhere near her ever again even for night time, which was fine by me. So then we were back on track and out of nappies day and night.

She is now 2.8 and the last relapse happened about 3 months ago. 3 weeks ago she started nursery in the mornings and since then has taken to doing small amounts of wee in her pants almost every time she needs a wee. She does not do this at nursery, only when at home with me. It isn't a big issue as she never lets enough go to wet the floor, or even through to her trousers / dress, just enough so she can comment on her wet pants and ask me to get clean ones. I don't really comment, but I am getting a bit bored of it. Prior to this starting a couple of weeks ago she has had pretty much no wee accidents at all for 8 months!!!!! I know she does it for attention and I know she has just started nursery etc etc, but I have kind of had enough of it. Give me patience!! Any advice other than just staying calm and riding it out?????

groundhogs Sat 03-Oct-09 00:18:50

I have had similar issues with DS as you have had... what did you actually do to get her back on the toilet for the poos or did she work it out by herself?

My HV has said to reward all poos then we'll work on relocating them to the loo...

In your DD case, yes, the wees could be attention, perhaps she's feeling a bit sensitive.. rewarding might help.

Can you try getting her to go to the loo more regularly, being a bit more vigilant and rewarding her/praising her for using the toilet..

Good luck, i know how frustrating it is! I'm just hoping I'm on the path to getting it solved....

ches Sat 03-Oct-09 02:33:57

Are you sure that nursery aren't taking her to the loo on a schedule and she's getting out of the habit of taking herself until the last minute?

alarkaspree Sat 03-Oct-09 03:38:10

Both my children have slightly wet their pants - just a few drops - very frequently at this kind of age. Ds (3.4) still does it once most days I'd say. I interpreted it more as laziness/distracteness rather than attention-seeking but either way, do you really have to get your dd new pants each time? Clean underwear in our house has always been stored where the children can reach it themselves so I'd just send them off to get new ones if they wanted them. Ds puts his old ones in the washing basket too.

I do agree with ches though, I would think she is waiting for you to remind her to go for a wee, to an extent.

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