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Going back to nappies?

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mum2oneloudbaby Tue 29-Sep-09 20:33:13

do i go back to nappies?

dd (22mos) started asking to use the toilet about 4 weeks ago. so we went for it pants and all. she was great to start with very few accidents and progressed within a week to asking to go and sometimes taking herself. then she got a cold and just did her business wherever she stood.

She got over that and she got more consistent in using the toilet but the last 4 days she has had so many accidents (4 changes of clothes on Sunday). She isn't asking to go and just doesn't seem bothered. I believe she fully understands the toilet concept and can control her wee and poo holding it when necessary. She just seems to be choosing not to use the toilet.

Spoke to hv but would like some advice from others who have been there. hv suggested going back to nappies for a while and giving it a break but i'm worried that when we try to train again that it will be a fight. anybody done it? anybody any other ideas?

sorry it's long!

parker1313 Tue 29-Sep-09 21:21:08

I tried my ds at 2.4 and had to revert back to nappies and now my dd is 2.6 I have also had to go back!!
At first it was successful with dd as it was the excitement of going to the toilet on her new pretty seat.She then lost interest and now doesnt show interest so went back to nappies the other day.
Its up to you.You know ur child best.
I dont think it will effect her in anyway.If you do then at some point she will ask to wear pants again.
SOrry not much help really.

mum2oneloudbaby Tue 29-Sep-09 21:34:41

how did your ds do when you went back to the toilet?

mum2oneloudbaby Tue 29-Sep-09 21:35:33

how long did you wait before going back to the toilet with your ds?

sleepsforwimps Tue 29-Sep-09 21:38:57

EXACTLY the same thing happened with my dd, she was doing everything on the toilet at 23 months for about 2 weeks. She then had a cold, and I ended up putting her in pull ups as she was getting upset by having accidents. She is 3 in just over a month and she is only just again at the stage (for the last weeks) of doing all wees (not poos) on the toilet and is happily wearing knickers allday.

Since 'the cold' she somedays did all her wees on the toilet, somedays one or two, somedays none, it was very hit and miss. The older she got the more she was adamant she wanted her nappy on and more adament when she did and when she did not want to use the toilet... I wanted it to be her choice when she was ready so didn't push trying to get her to go on the toilet if she didn't want to. I just kept trying her every few weeks, reguarly prompting her to go to the toilet, sometimes she was quite responsive, sometimes not so much.. if she got stressed by it all I stopped and waited a while to try properly again. The thing that I believe has now helped her do more wees on the toilet everyday is a reward chart. She loves stickers, so the reward of sticking a peppa pig sticker on her reward chart after each wee has brought us over the last weeks to the point of wearing knickers and being dry allday on her terms.

I really think a cold can make them not be able to control their bladder when they are so little. I believe I did the right thing putting her back in nappies. As much as I would have loved her to be potty trained at 2, we have eventually got there again when the time was right for her, even if it's a year on.

parker1313 Wed 30-Sep-09 13:35:38

I didnt try again with my ds til he was asking me! It was 6months later and he was 2.10 and just started play school.

mum2oneloudbaby Wed 30-Sep-09 13:57:52

thanks for that. i did think she was very young but went for it because she wanted to. i am just concerned that she will not give up the nappies in the future without a fight this has been reassuring.

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