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Early waking for pee

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Gloria42 Fri 25-Sep-09 09:42:26

DS (2.9) has been in pants now for 10 days, seems to be going well {{Gloria quickly touches wood}}. His nappies have been dry in the morning for a week so we're planning on going cold turkey this weekend.
The problem is that when he stirs about 5.30 - when he would normally go back to sleep - he realises he needs to pee so thinks it's time to get up.
People have told me to get him on the loo as I go to bed, but it seems odd to wake him. What do you think?

gnatbite Fri 25-Sep-09 09:56:15

My DD does this - we keep a potty at the side of the bed for night time anyway and thankfully now the mornings are darker, I just say "it's still night time" and she happily goes back - we do have a light on a timer that comes on at 6.30 which is when she knows it's 'morning'.

I'm not sure about putting him on the loo before bed, if you do that are you not training him to go in his sleep when he doesn't actually have the urge so to speak - one of my friends did this, and is still doing it now with a fairly hefty 7 year old.

I am still a novice though so hopefully someone with more experience/older children may be able to give you proper advice rather than just speculation!

Gloria42 Fri 25-Sep-09 10:03:12

Thanks gnat, that's what I thought - rod for my own back and all that.
I like your idea of the light timer though, I might steal that for my own!

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