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1st attempt at nappy free night - any tips?

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floraflora Thu 24-Sep-09 19:44:46

DS, now 3 yrs 4 mo, is very reliable during the day - I let him potty train in his own time and it seemed to work well. Last week on holiday we had a string of dry nappies in the morning, but I didn't dare attempt whipping it off in a rented bed. Tonight is the night. He had a very late afternoon sleep so probably won't conk out until 9-ish. I plan to get him to wee before bed and maybe pop him on the loo about midnight.
I have no experience of doing this and seem to have managed never to have this discussion with friends who have older children. What should I expect? If I pop him on the loo while half asleep will he know what to do?
Thoughts please.

meemarsgotabrandnewbump Thu 24-Sep-09 19:48:56

Personally I would get him to wee before bedtime, but not take him at midnight.

If he has had dry nappies for a week he may well (fingers crossed) be trained, and you may be starting a habit that it's hard to get out of.

Good luck smile

Lemontea Thu 24-Sep-09 19:50:14

I got my DS (3.7 at the time) up just before I went to bed. He never really woke up as I carried him and plonked him on the toilet and said 'wee wee now'. He always managed to have a wee in the toilet and managed to get him back to bed without waking him up.
I only did this for a couple of weeks before he was dry through the night.
My problem was in the mornings - I had to get DS up before he woke up to go to the toilet (IYSWIM).

Main thing - don't stress it and have plenty of clean bedding (and at least 2 waterproof mattress covers)

Good luck

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