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night training - how have you tackled it?

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hobnob57 Tue 22-Sep-09 22:39:18

DD is 2.10 now and increasingly averse to wearing her nappy at night, but it is wet every morning.

I was going to wait until we had had a few dry nights before trying her without a nappy, but wondered if taking advantage of her dislike of her night time nappy and allowing her to wake up wet might help her realise that she still needs one?

And how do you deal with wet duvets?

I've bought a couple of motherease bedwetters and she likes those, but I can't afford a complete set for the week at the moment, so we still have her complaining about her nappy most nights.

Not sure what to do.

ches Fri 02-Oct-09 12:49:29

Do you know what time of night she wets? My DS always wets before midnight so I lift him. He doesn't sleep through, so I just put him on the potty when he wakes up. He's about 90% reliable so I have a waterproof under his sheet.

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