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So many accidents we have no clean bottoms! Heeeeelp

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StrictlyBoogying Tue 22-Sep-09 15:11:23

Hi. DD who's 2.9 has been potty trained for a couple of months.
She had awful diarrhoea a few weeks ago which left her with the worse rash on her bottom I've ever seen. It was really sore for her to pee or poo so she was trying to hold on and would eventually have an accident. Now, although her bottom's mosly cleared up, she no longer tells me when she needs to go, denies she does when I ask her then has an accident. She literally has no clean bottoms until the tumble dryer finishes!
I'm trying to bribe her with toys and chocolate but she's not remotely bothered.
I think there has to be a consequence. Should I put her on the naughty step?

mum2oneloudbaby Wed 23-Sep-09 22:06:17

We are not as far down the line as yourself. but dd got sick just as she was really starting to take herself to the loo but it completely derailed us so i took one step back and started taking her again on schedule. it seems to be working and she is now starting to ask to go/taking herself again now. perhaps that would help her build her confidence again. having the diarrhoea could have scared her as well as being sore from the rash.

MmeLindt Wed 23-Sep-09 22:11:16

She is still young to understand that it will not hurt when she does a wee or poo because her bum is no longer so sore.

She is holding back as long as possible because she is frightened it will hurt.

Please don't punish her for that.

Try setting an alarm to go off hourly and making her sit on the potty when it goes off. Lots and lots of praise when she does go and lots of patience.

StrictlyBoogying Thu 24-Sep-09 18:51:55

Thanks. I realise that there was a little hesitance left over from her rash but now she's moved on from that to bloody mindedness! She tells me her bottom is better and it's not sore to pee and then flatly refuses to even try.
I would never punish her because she believed it would hurt.
She only refuses because last week she had so many accidents and she thought it didn't matter; she'd rather play.
I only considered the naughty step for when she refused to even sit and thought maybe she'd understand she should sit if there was a consequence. She is a very stubborn little girl.
Anyway, I discovered that without a bottom half on she wasn't so happy to have accidents. I've been putting her on every wee while and only one accident today so far.

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