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Fed up and no idea where to go from here!

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MonkeysMom06 Sun 20-Sep-09 21:32:54

Hi. We stated potty training DD1 about a month ago (she is 2 and 10 months)- it took about 2 weeks for her to 'click' on the wees (no comment on the poos!!) and she suddenly started taking herself to the loo to wee (followed by much whooping and high-fiving by me!!)- still had occassional accidents but I wasn't too bothered by that. She even managed 4 one hour long car trips with no accidents! Then 10 days ago she stopped taking herself to the loo and now just wees in her pants. (funnily enough the same time I stopped giving her treats for wees in the toilet and said she could only have treats for poos) I thought maybe she had a bad day (but thats turned into 10) or possibly bladder infection which makes her feel she needs to wee all the time....until today when I saw her purposefully squat down and wee!!!! no attempt whatsoever to get to the bathroom! I am so fed up of cleaning carpets and washing clothes (on wed I couldn't go out as didn't have any clean clothes for her!). I have tried talking to her, getting cross (which I know is the wrong thing to do), praise for any wees in toilets but nothing seems to work! I am very frustrated and irritated esp as I know she can do it and dont know whether to go back to making her go every hour (which wouldn't have helped today at all!!), re-introduce treats or punish for not even trying to get to the loo. Any suggestions? please?

Mummy369 Sun 20-Sep-09 22:31:15

Try the treats again - or maybe a sticker chart, with a reward (treat for every 10 stickers or so?)

Mummy369 Thu 24-Sep-09 01:05:34


Knickers0nmahead Thu 24-Sep-09 01:11:44

Back to nappies? And let her do it when she is ready?

solo Thu 24-Sep-09 01:16:02

Agree with knickers, back to nappies. Don't punish her, that could seriously jeopardise her quick(which I'm sure it will be)return to using the toilet.

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