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early stages pants or naked

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hettie Sun 20-Sep-09 13:38:56

So we are on day 3 of PT, ds is 2.7. First day- too good to be true, one accident all rest wees and one poo in potty- hurrah. BUT accopmplished with no clothes on bottom half. Second day, started with just pants on, then acccident and unwilling to have pants back on, rest of day fairly good when naked again, (one accident with poo, think he finds it a bit freaky to poo on potty- at least that is what he is saying). Today trying with pants on- much less suceful so far, only one wee in potty, two in pants, one poo in pants....
So what to do, tak off the pants for a few more days unitl he builds up confidence? Thing is I can't habdle staying house ofr another 4 days! Or put him in pants and accept more accidents or call the whole thign off?

Gingeme Sun 20-Sep-09 13:54:04

Please do not call the whole thing off. It sounds like he is doing absolutely brilliantly smile. If your happy letting him have a bare bottom at home thats great. All my ds's have 'naked' time half hour before bed every evening so they are used to nothing on their bottoms for a bit.
Are you using a reward system like star charts or choc buttons? If not you could use one for his wearing pants say for 15 mins with no accident then extend it by 5 mins each day. This might make him realise its good to wear pants. Show him Daddy and Mummy wearing pants and how clever, grown up they are. Same with ant older siblings or willing male cousins.
I was doing all this with ds4 back in the beginning of August so I wish you lots of luck and patience.
Try not to sclod him for accidents either. Lots and lots of encouragement.

hettie Sun 20-Sep-09 14:19:41

ok, good to know you think it's normal, as I had no idea of what expectations were. Defo no scolding over accidents we just say "oh dear never mind, don't worry, I'm sure you can make it to potty next time". He gets a sticker and huge song and dance made of him if he goes in potty- which he is obviously delighted about. Might try less pant on time at home and then pants/trsrs when out? Would this be confusing or ok?

Gingeme Sun 20-Sep-09 17:20:37

That sounds ok. Leave a couple of pairs of pants about too and he might even try to put these on himself. Or try him with trousers at home with no pants so he feels covered up as well as free from a nappy iyswim?
Buy a piddlepad , yes they realy are called that, for his buggy and car seat. So much easier than washing a buggy or car seat cover I can tell you!!
Keep up the good work and good luck smile

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