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DS trained for 1 yr but seems to think wet pants are acceptable?

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SusieR Sun 20-Sep-09 13:14:44

I toilet trained my son 1 year ago, at his insistance and he took to it really well. He is now 3.2. When he is ill it does go by the wayside a bit and we get a few wet pants. I can understand this. But then when he is fit and well we have these odd few days/week when he is always having little leaks, it does not seem to be a full wee, and he thinks this is okay. We are going thru one at the moment. I tell him its not ok. I have tried patience and undertsanding but now I tell him its dirty and smelly. I don't know what else to try. Any recomendations are gratefully received.

crumbled Sun 20-Sep-09 20:02:13

Hi! I think I posted about this some while back as I was tearing my hair out with my dd, 3 at the time, who although always finally went for a wee, her pants were constantly very damp. I tried every single approach, including speaking to the health visitor who suggested keeping a diary to see if any pattern emerged, but no pattern emerged and NOTHING helped.

However, we have now finally overcome the problem (she's now at school...) in the summer holidays. I gave her total control over the issue. She didn't care at all if she had wet pants but if I noticed I told her and she was in charge of going to change her clothes and put her wet pants in the laundry bin. She obliged and followed these instructions to the letter until I think she realised that she was getting absolutely no attention about the issue and got bored. It was either this OR the fact I potty trained her little brother over the summer holidays and suddenly she stopped wetting her pants as didn't want to be outdone by baby brother!!

I hope this helps a little bit. My advice would be, ignore it, make no issue and it won't/ can't go on for ever. Even if it goes on another year, it'll stop when at school because he won't want to be teased about being smelly. Good luck!

SusieR Mon 21-Sep-09 11:11:49

Thanks. I shall try that. Perhaps he'll get bored of having to change his clothes himself all the time.

cheesesarnie Mon 21-Sep-09 11:15:44

ds2 was like this till very recently!except it wasnt just damp-hed happily sit drenched in wee for hours!i tried alsorts but nothing the school holidays he found a toy car in a shop that he really liked.i told him i didnt have enough pennies but if he wanted to get pennies to buy it,i would give him one every time he wee'd on the potty or toilet(anywhere but his pants!!).amazingly it worked!and its still working after buying the car-that he quickly went off of!grin

crumbled Tue 22-Sep-09 20:24:48

Don't you just love a bit of bribery! Marvellous!

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