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dd 2.7 pees as soon as I put her pants on - help!

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kitkat9 Sun 13-Sep-09 19:04:22

So I have been gently training dd and she seemed to be doing ok - she went very quickly from peeing in the potty to using the toilet, although she refuses to poo in the loo!

But my biggest problem just now is this - in the morning when she gets up i take her nappy off and leave her bare before getting dressed for an hour or so, depending on when she wakes. Anyway, in this time she'll happily take herself off to the loo and pee no problem, but as soon as I dress her she pees. I explain that she mustn't pee in her pants, she needs to tell me when she needs to go etc but she doesn't, she just lets go!

Any thoughts? She's bright enough to realise what she's doing is the wrong thing, so where do i go from here?

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