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Wanting to wee through the night!

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JennyWren1982 Wed 09-Sep-09 16:00:21

Hi all, i am after some help, oh and some sleep would be nice too! lol
My daughter started showing interest in her potty at a very young age, she is now 23 months and dry throughout the day. The problem i have is on a night, she refuses to wear a nappy and pulls it off, but wakes up to 9 times a night to wee. If i try and ignor her she just opens her door and screams for me until i go to her. I have restricted her drinks before bed and she always goes to wee before sleep, i have even tryed lifting her, but she is STILL waking.
When i do take her for a wee, she always manages to do a bit, thinking she has got into the habit now and don't know how to break it.
Advice needed!!

pasturesnew Wed 09-Sep-09 16:03:43

Hmm sounds like she has bladder control so do you think she might be doing this as a cunning plan to get you out of bed and come and see here in the night? If so, maybe you could offer treats for not weeing in her bed? Has she got a night light if she is worried about getting up for a wee in the night? Could you put a potty in her room (could be messy I know)?

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