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Day 5, second attempt, virtually no progress, really demoralised. Help please

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rempy Wed 09-Sep-09 11:56:48

DD, 2 and 7 months, first attempt at 2 and 3 months a disaster, abandoned on day 3.

So we are onto attempt two, day 5 in pants, (upsy daisy at her request). She has wee'd 4 times in the potty, twice whilst watching tv, so not exactly under control, more sat in the right place.

She can hold on forever. She knows that wee belongs in the potty or toilet. She is very good about putting other things in the right place (rubbish in the bin etc).

She gets really stroppy if you ask her to sit on the potty, or if she needs to go. But will not spontaneously sit on it.

She has sat on and off the toilet for 20 minutes this morning saying "done a wee wee" but hasnt. She hasn't weed all morning. So 31/2 hours.

She is not excited about getting wee in the potty, or about any rewards offered so far - stamps, stickers, or smarties.

I don't know if this is just behavioural because she feels under pressure (I have a one year old who is obviously in nappies still), or if she genuinely cant actually control letting it go yet.

Her friends are trained, her room at nursery is age 2-3 so most are engaged in the process or trained, she has examples to copy everywhere.

Help please, do we press on till the end of the week, or bail now, or what?

I know children potty train later these days, but I also thought that that meant that they got it much faster. This is hideous.

babbi Wed 09-Sep-09 13:47:50

Give it up - she is clearly not ready.

Rosebud05 Wed 09-Sep-09 22:19:09

I feel your pain. My dd is 2.5 and in a similar space ie knows when she needs to go, can hold on forever, gets upset if I suggest using loo/potty (though she successfully did both before her little brother arrived 3 months ago). I couldn't bare feeling so stressed and obsessed about it, so have put her back in nappies. My hope is that when she is ready she'll just do it. Very hard not to despair, though.

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