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DD1 is toilet trained but loads of accidents!

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BlameItOnTheBoogie Tue 08-Sep-09 16:59:40

DD1 who is 2.9 has been doing all her pees in the potty for 7 weeks. We only cracked poos last week but she has been totally clean and dry since. Today started off well but after a normal morning she's wet herself 7 times! She's knackered after a late night travelling last night and has a bit of a cold. Would this make a difference? Is this just part of the process?
We've run out of bottom halves!

aGalChangedHerName Tue 08-Sep-09 17:00:42

My dd's have both done this when unwell with a cold. They also had UTI's to so might be worth having it checked out?

BlameItOnTheBoogie Tue 08-Sep-09 20:46:58

Thank you. That's good advice. She's been complaining of a sore bottom. It's a bit red so I've been relying on Sudocrem but maybe it's more of an internal pain. I'll see how she does tomorrow.

ilovetochat Tue 08-Sep-09 20:52:36

my dd has accidents when unwell and when teething.

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