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2 yr old potty problems

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shanks313 Wed 02-Sep-09 21:59:57

I have been potty training my 2.6yr old DD for a few weeks now.
She does great while inside and will go almsot all of the time for poo and wees.
The problem is trying to get her to pull down her knickers/pull ups to go.
I tried her with knickers today and she wet 3 pairs....I explained to her what she had to do and 3 times she wet herself.
I feel like I hae hit a brick wall in our progress
Has anyone got any tips ? Thanks

shanks313 Thu 03-Sep-09 14:55:13


ilovetochat Thu 03-Sep-09 15:03:18

my dd is 2.2 and potty trained afew months ago but still needs help unless she just has pj bottoms or jogging bottoms on, anything with a button/prestud she cant do alone and cetainly not in time so i help her. she cant get on the toilet as she is too short so i help her. she just tells me when she want to go. smile

ches Fri 04-Sep-09 01:41:11

Just help her! She's only little. She'll be telling you to sod off and leave her alone soon enough.

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